Nov 13 2008'2012' Teaser Trailer is a Documentary from the Future


Roland Emmerich, director of Independence Day, Godzilla, and The Day After Tomorrow, has made another movie on his favorite subject: some kind of disaster destroying Earth. The trailer suggests doing a "Google search" on "2012" (the trailer's main goal is confusing grandparents with terms they don't understand), so I did that. Results reveal that Sarah Palin is stoking speculation she'll run again in 2012 (that's a real apocalypse, ya know!?), AND THAT THE MAYAN CALENDAR WILL END ITS 13th CYCLE, which many crazies interpret as meaning humans will die, be elevated to a higher level, or "that Biaviian aliens will allow passage aboard their Great Mother Ship." Ancient civilizations and crazy people have never been wrong about anything before, so we should probably just take this movie a fact. However John Cusack survives is how we will survive as a people.

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The mayan calendar has the world ending on December 21, 2012. Coincidentally, that's my birthday. I won't say how old I'll be turning because I suck at math and because I'm bummed that my birthday will be ruined by the apocalypse.

Judging from this picture

Riley Martin (the man behind the biaviian theory)
won't even make it to 2012.

Mayans... yeah... They also thought a solar eclipse was the hand of one of their feather-headed gods reaching out to block the sun.

Obama will save us from doomsday!

I saw a book sitting on our counter the other day talking about 2012 being the end of the world....I thought it was just some book those crazies who go door to door pass out. Turns out my grandpa picked it up at UFO convention...I think I would've preferred it to be the crazies going door to door instead of the crazies in my family.

p.s. So I just looked on amazon under 2012...there's a shit-ton of books about it. Crazies.

12/12/12?! that's when my driver's license expires...the dmv knows!!!

It's really sad that Wendy Carlos gave emmenthal the Shining trailer music for this shit (poor Kubrick, please kill them from hell) .
Thank you for the picture of prophet Santana, makes the thing reeeealy clear.
Besided, it's a FAKE! Look at the shadows.

What's with the music from the Shining trailer?

I just never thought a backed up toilet would be the cause of man's downfall...

Haha, this could totally be the prequel for Water World!

Yes! I die just before turning 35! Fuck getting old!

Why does he keep ringing the bell? If that were me I'd get on the roof and jump just as the wave hits and do the world's awesomest belly surf EVER.

I'm so tired of these bullshits about doomsdays Y2K, LHC, and now december 21th 2012...
Only because of some civilization's calendar ends that day.
And people only believes these bullshits because mayans are ancient and were "so mysterious" .

But Roland Emmerich is right, why don't get some easy cash by making an easy movie about an easy subject such as 2012 using primal fear of apocalypse bullshits.

Yep, those Mayans sure were smart, all right...I'm glad they still exist.

so just under a year after I turn 18, the whole Goddamn world's gonna blow up
I knew it

Yup. Quetzalcoatl shall return to punish us for not honoring the gods correctly. He shall bring with him this piece of shit movie that inexplicably has John Cusack, Thandie Newton, and Chiwetel Ejiofor in it. I knew I should have been bloodletting all these years!

The great thing about setting a specific date for the apocalypse is that I can debauch all I want until then, then go ahead and find religion for a week or so, thus making me eligible for rapture.

Suck it, Tribulation!

something's going to happen in december 2012. I have no idea what. SOMETHING. whether it's the end of the world, aliens arrive, the binary twin of our sun smashes into us, the planetary polar shift, the singularity of human consciousness thrusting mankind into a higher evolutionary realm or simply just the cutest puppy ever being born - I dont give a crap, I'm throwing a huge psychedelic party and you're all fucking invited.

Then, if the world ends, sweet deal, we went out with a bang
and if it doesnt, sweet deal, everybody got high and laid.

Watch the trailer, read the plot spoiler, and see the entire cast here:

I saw this trailer a WEEK after seeing this group on facebook:
COINCIDENCE? I think not.
Every-time you have an abortion, Sarah Palin kills a Tibetan monk.

they say its like a odometer on 12/21/2012 its supposed to be their equivalent to just rolling over..starting again at zero.....
why that specific day i donno.....


@22 - Mayans didn't use the same calender as us, they chose that date because it was significant for their calender, which I believe was based on the position of the planets in our solar system.

Also, does anyone know if this trailer will be spoofed on the Disaster Movie DVD? It only makes sense that it would be.

That is the year when the Vogons will be destroying the earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass. The Mayans were all Pan-Dimensional beings that worked with Slartibartfast to design this computer program.

Then the One will come and fight against Humma Kavula to stop the reset (err, destruction) of us all. In the meantime, i'll be making way with Trillian after handily dispatching both Arthur (not Dudley Moore) and Zaphod.

2012 never seemed so far away, can we just skip a few years?

(Did I go on a tangent in the middle somewhere?)

Its an action movie and action lovers will surely enjoy this movie. Roland Emmerich has come up with a new story. An exciting adventure that revolves around a global catastrophe.

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