Oct 31 2008Wes Craven's 'Google'


If you've keyed in dub-dub-dub dot google dot com today, you may have noticed a specialized logo in celebration of Halloween. That's standard for the internet searcher thing, but what you may not have noticed unless you moused-over the image is that it was designed by Wes Craven, director of such horror classics as A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Hills Have Eyes. Man, would you look at that spooky thing? Got like a jack-o-lantern there, a pumpkin carving knife, a standard knife, some kind of poking apparatus maybe, what i think is a dustpan, a candle. Phew. I think we can all see why this man is considered a legend of horror. I'm going to be having nightmares about carefully sweeping up seeds and discarded pumpkin bits for weeks.

Reader Comments

I don't really see how or why this would need to be posted. Is this going to be made into a movie? Must be a slow "news" day....*sigh*

Ummm, because Wes Craven is freakin' awesome and he's a director

Uh, if the candle is supposed to be the "L," is the knife another "L," making it "Googlel?" Seems Wed could have used an editor on this.

Wes Craven is freakin' awful.

The post made me laugh, though. Tee hee.

That is not a dustpan. What you are seeing there is clearly a pooper scooper. Which really *is* terrifying.

Hahaha nice.

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