Oct 9 2008Photos Reveal Something Happens in 'Quantum of Solace'


Flicks News has passed along what appear to be some spoilers photos from the set of the new Bond movie, so if you're OK with a spoilers, click ahead. That's your warning.


Well, there it is. In homage to Jill Masterson's gilded asphyxiation in Goldfinger, Quantum of Solace has apparently filmed a similar scene in which Gemma Arterton's character dies covered in oil. Yeesh, again? GOD. It seems like every ladycorpse I see nowadays is nude, slathered in a substance, and draped limply over a bed like an old afghan. I'm not complaining, but maybe we should eventually come up with something else.


Phew! She's OK!

Reader Comments

I'm not sure where they're going with this, but I can't help but like it.


Oil? huh
HEY they did a mythbusters episode about if the gold paint could kill you...
they have to do the oil thing now... *neat*

That's going a bit overboard on the lube 007.
- or -
Alberto V05 Hot Oil Hair Treatment gone bad.

I'm going to find that pillow and destroy it. Possibly with dynamite.

Hey, Rocky when you call someone's slight mistake about a picture "ridiculous", you kind of come off as an anal-retentive nerd.

I disagree, Caligula. Rocky got it right, Noni is a dumb-ass. Just. Like. You.

On another, not insulting people note, I've actually seen Gemma Arterton in quite a few things recently (She seems to be everywhere!) and she's a really good actress, I'm quite looking forward to seeing her in this now!

Caligula - being an anal retentive nerd has nothing to do with the ability to READ!!!

No way Rocky, totally anal retentive, looking at every single word..........wait for it.........*sarcasm*. and thank you.

Smatt - AMEN!

I never said it had anything to do with his ability to read, rather his reaction was one of a bitter pop culture know-it-all whose only joy in life is sharing his vast collection of useless knowledge. But I'll depart now before this angry mob starts lobbing 8-sided die at me.

Hit and run, that's real mature Caligula.

When maturity is gauged by who's the bigger passive-aggressive dick, it's best to be the bigger man.

Both of you have tiny penises and are inferior to me.

The end.

arguing on someone else's blog is pretty pathetic, but since all the kids are doing it:
@14 the plural of "die" is just "dice." you were right about him overreacting to noni's post, but you pretty much did the same thing to him.

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