'Ong Bak 2' Trailer Proves Tony Jaa One of Our Best Murderers

October 31, 2008


This trailer is in a non-English tongue, and may be the same as a promo reel from June that I can't get to work anymore, but once you watch this (possibly for the second time), you will not care. To summarize what you'll be seeing: Tony Jaa brutually murdering a bunch of guys with a variety of weapons (swords, series of looped rings, his fingers and knees, etc.). That's mostly it.

As you can see above, he's so good at killing people, he is revered by nature's greatest murderer, the elephant. You know how hard it is to win the reverence of elephants? Really hard. Nearly impossible. They couldn't care less. You've got to really tear shit up before they'll bend one of their wastebasket legs in respect.

So awesome:

I get the impression that battle atop the elephants is the climax. It builds to that the entire film, and when you see these guys getting on their elephants, everyone in the room is nodding to each other, "Yeah, we all knew this was coming."

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