Oct 27 2008'Ninja Scroll' Movie Sure to Anger 'Ninja Scroll' Fans


Warner Bros. has purchased the live-action rights to Ninja Scroll, the second anime I watched in high school because I heard there was graphic violence and nudity. From Variety:

Warner Bros. has acquired rights to turn the Japanese action thriller anime "Ninja Scroll" into a live action feature. Alex Tse has been set to write the script.

"Scroll," set in feudal Japan, revolves around ninja for hire is forced to fight an old enemy who will stop at nothing to overthrow the government. DiCaprio is not planning to act in the film.

The only thing I remember about the movie was that there was a lot of spurting blood and I think a woman got raped by a tree man (if that's not actually a scene in the movie, I apologize, and you may page Dr. Freud, but I swear the was a scene), but somehow I doubt those scenes would be the focus of the film. So honestly, I have no idea what this movie will be like, and I'll probably wait until the "Look How We Fucked This Up, Japan: Dragonball/Ninja Scroll" DVD box set to find out.

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I'm guessing.... it'll be toned-down? just guessing *picture WTF?*

All I know is that if this live-action adaptation does have over the top violence and gratuitous boob shots...we'll be having some problems. Here's to Ultraviolence! Cheers!

Note- IMHO Ninja scroll has two of coolest anime "deaths", the one pictured above and the gold one at the end of the movie.

Oh gawd no... Is nothing sacred anymore?

@Rob I think the fact that there been:
Dukes of Hazards, Starsky and Hutch, Transformers, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Garfield, etc. movies and Knight Rider and Bionic Women TV series; Is proof enough Hollywood won't rest until the blotted, raped corpse of our nostalgia is found washed up dead on the Jersey shore.

Add the Rashomon remake to the Look How We Fucked This Up, Japan" list. Then stop it from being filmed. PLEASE.

well, this did piss everyone off
I didn't watch the movie, but I side with the pissed-off people that this sucks

DiCaprio is not planning to act in the film?!? Why not?!?

Knowing Hollywood nowadays, they will try to make this into a PG-13 film. Either way, say goodbye to that lady that controlled snakes. Some of the stuff involving her was just wrong even for anime... well maybe not anime.

At least they aren't trying to make Ranma 1/2 thank god.

Yeah, seriously, why would he not stake his reputation on a Ninja Scroll adaptation? The guy has not matured since Growing Pains.

I know. How is he going to grow as an actor if he's going to be turning down choice roles like guy-who-has-a-beehive-for-a-back?

Actually geekology, you were close. The demon pictured is Tessai. He attempts to rape Kagero, but is interrupted by Jubei. Tessai is a stone demon. And yes I am ever so pissed about this. Hollywood has a way of taking great movies like this and crapping all over them. This is such a great movie and part of the reason I love anime so much.

By the way I don't have a penis, nor do I live in my parent's basement.

Didn't that chick get raped like a half dozen times in that damn movie? Or was that Wicked City? I can't remember; I think i've seen too many of these "near porns."

I think she "only" got raped twice.
There was that unauthorized finger banging by the shadow manipulator puppeteer dude. Shijima hid in the shadows of the trees when he kidnapped Kagero; does that count?

yeah that one bitch Kagero, is like all poison from her thing but for some reson she like gets raped i think 3 or 4 times in that movie..lol dont make no sence.......anyways yeah i watched that movie at my grandmas house when i was like 10 just because it was a cartoon..little did i know what i was putting in that vcr!!!!.....it was an eye opener....

This will never be made faithful to the original. The focus groups would naysay it and the marketing people would insist that they steal money from the under-18s even though half of them have probably seen the original anyway. Bizarrely it might not even work in Europe. Whereas the US is all "You can blow a man's head clean off with a shotgun, but absolutley no forced cunnilingus by stone demons i.e. violence is OK, sex is not" - in contrast, the UK and Germany would reverse that weird bigotry: "Sure, force your tongue into the woman, but no decapitations and sig heils thank you i.e. the sex is fine, the violence is not". France would literally be the only country in the west where you could get away with a faithful remake. After all, they had that movie Baissez-Moi.

Holly crap, i hope that these freaking people of those freaking movie companys do´nt fuck up that excelent movie, but its kind of like they speciallity, fuck up great stories and great animes/manga/comic. I jus prey to god that the akira movie filmed by Disinking Caprio its a master piece, c´s if not its the same thing that if te "lord of the rings" were filmed by the mindless people who shot "dungeons and dragons" jejejeje PAZ!!

OMG! They're going to ruin Ninja Scroll forevar! How will any of us be able to walk down the street and hold our heads high in the dignity of being fans of extreme Japanese cartoon rape and violence! Fuckin' Hollywood!

I guess my question would be whether or not the rape and violence of Ninja Scroll are essential to the story. If they're not, then it isn't really a problem. If the rape and violence is the sole appeal of it, then Ninja Scroll evidently has problems too big for even Hollywood to deal with.

Ok just to add that if you enjoyed ninja scroll, be sure to check vampire hunter D bloodlust, and Highlander vengeance, both movies by Kawajiri

Fucking alex tse. He helped ruin watchmen now he's on to anime. fantastic. what a fucking assclown.

hei hollywood execs lets play 'insert a white dude' in the movie!

@Cory The Ninja Scroll series already ruined it.
@cheeks She is assaulted twice, the second not sexual in its intent. And in the first assault she does indeed poison her attacker, Tessai. That is why Jubei is able to win the fight.

But yes, this move will almost certainly suck.


Leonardo DiCaprio is producing movie adaptations of two animes Akira and Ninja Scroll,screenwriter Alex Tse is writing a script for Ninja Scroll and Japan pop group SMAP will be starring in the film,
Tila Tequila should play the character Zakuro in the movie so the movie will be ruined and if there is some Asian American cast will be co-starring.

Thank You.

First, I gotta ask, Did Stephen Lack voice Jubei Kibagami in lead role, Heard it was Maureen O' Connell. But I'm watching "Scanners" on one channel and "Ninja Scroll" on another and.....Man, I SWEAR ON MY X-BOX 360 that it's the same person!!!!,,and no, it's NOT "Jasper"..Well, They should get Ryuhei Kitamura, the guy who did "Versus" to do it(direct),, you don't know this movie??, it's Japanese, and it KICKS ASS...Masaya Kato MUST, REPEAT MUST.. do the title role here. He would fit PERFECTY!!!!!!! Deacon Jones would be that stone bodied bad-ass killer with the beautiful two swords weapon!! this movie also needs Wu Jing (SPL and Fatal Contact)..and ,yes I'm reaching here..Ehsan Shafiq, the greatest Afghan kung-fu figher ever, he's DEFINATELY world class, and he'd also be perfect here...well, back to my movies,.Go with God people!!!!

first comic books, now anime . . . they could have at least flushed the toilet and wiped their asses after destroying comic films before they crapped all over anime properties.
i mean really- hollywood already made another street fighter movie, and made it worse than the first! i don't think anyone heard me- they made a street fighter movie worse than the one with van damme.
i'm just like cheeks was. ninja scroll is the first anime i ever saw because i thought it was just a cartoon movie, and it stripped me of my innocence forever . . . and i thank it for that.
hollywood doesn't have the balls to make it the way it should be made. we should force feed the directors broken glass.

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