Oct 17 2008'Marley & Me' Trailer Reminds Us Dogs That Aren't Talking Chihuahuas Are A-Holes


Why would you take a by-the-books Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy and combine it with the dog-as-a-mildly-sentient-asshole antics of Marmaduke? Because it's possible!

My favorite part is when "Bad to the Bone" starts playing. At that point I know, this dog must be a truly horrible dog. The music is laying it all down for me. Euthanize that puppy before he pulls his own logo into the frame and that familiar red-on-white lettering tells us this is meant to be a comedy. Give this dog the canine parvovirus before it ruins your fictional marriage, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. It's the only way when a dog is that bad to the bone.

Reader Comments

If the dog doesn't talk this movie will tank.

It never ceases to amaze me how horrible Kathleen Turner looks now.

It's actually based on an autobiography book. The real Marley is dead now.

If this movie is anything like the book, it will be hysterical. I read it this past summer - it's an entirely true story - and it had me crying with laughter the whole time, and actually crying at the end when he died (spoiler!).

For anyone who has ever had a dog or a badly-behaved cat, this will be hilarious. It's David Sedaris-like humor, but about a dog.

I look forward to this and think it'll be one of the best movies of the year. I recognized 90% of the scenes in that trailer as coming straight out of the book, and they look every bit as funny as they were when I read them.

Yeah so I'm having a hard time determining whether or not the post above me is serious or not.

This movie looks gay as hell.

i thought they were revamping the movie Beethoven by changing the breed of the dog and taking kids out of the mix altogether.


Seriously, I don't care how terrible the movie is going to be. Or not going to be. You're like one of those douchebags who begin a conversation with: "So I saw this movie this weekend, you know *insert movie title here* where the main character dies at the end while fighting the bad guys but it turns out he has a secret son!..."

It's people like you that are keeping me from ever watching Million Dollar Baby. NEVER INCLUDE SPOILERS IN PLOT DESCRIPTIONS WITHOUT WARNINGS. Dumbass.

hey, I'm not sure if you are aware of this Kate, but dogs don't live forever....

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