Oct 21 2008'Madagascar 2' Thoroughly Enjoys 'Moving It'


I have sat through several sense-numbing Madagascar 2 trailers and sifted through several more of its gaudy posters, and pretty much every one of them feature the song "I Like to Move It" in one way or another. None of that in any way prepared me for this: a music video of Will.i.am's Madagascar 2-specific cover of "I Like to Move It"? This is too much. This is where I say, OK, you win. I'll say I like to move it too. Just stop.

But before I concede, just tell me, why, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, do you have this Moby Dick-level obsession with the "I Like to Move It" song? Why has Will.i.am decided to take a break from ill-conceived political anthems to cover the "I Like to Move It" song? And, most importantly, why does every depiction of a CGI animal have to be so inappropriately sexualized? Normally it's only mildly offensive, since the creatures appear anatomically genderless as they gyrate, but man, these chimps have PENISES. Just what is going on here?

Start your day with some retching:

An old lady dancing? That's CRAZY! Chimps with penises? Accurate, yes, but come on.

Will.i.am's Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa Music Video! [Coming Soon]

Reader Comments

Chimp Weiner.

Monkey Dong

I think those are their tails. They are not visible when the chimps are sitting and sometimes when they are dancing. Tails, not penises.

chimps are apes, they dont have tails.

I think it's just a tuft of fur, not a penis. But extra fur in the crotch is probably not really needed here.

I hate it when animators try and animate something dancing. They always do the same 4 fucking moves like they're supposed to be funny. The robot, the running man, waving and, I don't know, some MC Hammer fucking shit. It pisses me off every single time.

And that song is so awful it makes me want to slaughter some endangered species.

At least the giraffe and zebra were showing the proper amount of cartoon genitals: none.

In protest I will, personally, stop moving it.

Yeah well, chimps don't talk either, so I am not sure they were going for 100% accuracy.

how dare they mess with Cohen's verison xP
I'm sure he'll be singing other things anyway... I'll get over it

God damn, why in hell did they just use old animation from the first movie???
that's terrible
but the big beefy dude hippo is new...

this is so absurdly genius on so many levels. The fact that they still push that song onto the viewer, and the complete disregard for human decency that ben stiller holds for his audience...and what's the animator's thought process? he's obviously lost his self-respect a long fucking time ago. im gonna watch this video before i cry myself to sleep, like i do, every night...

Ugh. DreamWorks can fuck off.

its like this isn't even an official video. I hate the movie, but the movie had at least decent animation at times, but this looks like something a kid threw together using the inevitable "madagascar 3d movie maker" pc game. Re-using animations, glitchy movements, the still-shot backgrounds (seriously whose idea was that?), THE OLD LADY. Notice the old lady's purse stick to the 'roof' and slide along? Thats not an idea. that was a glitch that nobody fixed. Seriously wow, it had the production values of my breakfast. And I ate a bowl of my own shit this morning.

This was audio bukake. I feel so violated =(

depressing for every party involved.

To be fair, though, this is the exact same animation that was in the closing credits to the first movie, just remixed and put on crappy backdrops.

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