Oct 23 2008'Hotel for Dogs' Poster: Kids are the Bread of a Giant Dog Sandwich


Augh! Why am I stuck in a nightmare of overly-expressive dogs!? Oh, I see. It's because that boy is clearly Satan, punishing me for things I've said about Beverly Hills Chihuahua. That's fair.

Hotel for Dogs Poster [IMPA]

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Damn you, Photoshop. Damn you.

and second

dammit, fourth.







The girl in blue- I'd totally hit that shit.

yo its true
the girl in blue
i'd hit it thru
i am the comment 1 2

Maybe if we get enough posts this poster will appear in the "so freaking cool" section. That way new people that visit the site will think that this site is for fans of the talking dog genre.

14th, I'm not 13th so I'm not fucked forever
all those damn dogs have the same eyes!!!

@11, you should've said 'that bitch in blue...' Because of the dogs and because pointing out the color of her shirt is pointless when she is the only 'girl' on the poster.

But I still kind of laughed.

And I'd hit it too!

Oh, and, what number are we up to? 15?

Oh yeah, and:

Good call on that kid being the devil, he looks totally evil.

And what do you think the chances are that this hotel would only have 1 dog representing for each breed of dog in residence?

sounds fun, i am mad into talking dog movies actually

is # of comments how they determine what is so freaking cool? makes sense.

lol when i read how elmo is not fucked forever.

Studio Exec 1: Holy shit did you see that new Marley & Me Poster?
Studio Exec 2: The one that's just an enormous picture of an unbelievably fucking cute lab?
1: Yea that one.
2: Yea I saw that shit. It was so cute I cut my testicles off to make sure I never have any impure thoughts about anything again.
1: Well how the fuck are we going to top that?
2: We should probably produce a poster with a TON of dogs with varying degrees of cuteness all mugging for the camera in the cutest way possible.
1: Well that didn't work did it?
2: No, I probably should've anticipated that a bunch of dogs together might turn into a blood-soaked disaster. My lack of testicles has probably handicapped my foresight for bloody disaster.
1: Maybe this time we should just take pictures individually and then photoshop them together really poorly.
2: Do we have two douchey looking teenagers for the poster?
1: Yea I thought we'd use the actors.
2: Sounds good. Green light.

The only way that this poster could be any better is if they had used a paw print for the "o" in dogs. Damn, I'm good.

@ Goya
True story? Epic
slow day at work? Ahmen

Yea I was taking a little breather there. True story though.

Look at all the stupid mutts. I hope they eat the kids. Best movie ever.

Some of those dogs look creepy. Especially the poodle.

hey babe boy

can i help you guy's i have a do at home her named is snowybut she is a girl dog she is pretty

i love doggies :)


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