Oct 15 2008'Franklyn' Trailer Has Parallel Universes, Masked Murderers, Ryan Phillipe, Etc.


Here's an early trailer for Franklyn, a film where, uh... I don't really know what's going on. The best I can describe it is intertwining stories, a parallel universe, Ryan Phillipe as a masked vigilante, some Dark City imagery, and some other stuff. Here's the summary:

Franklyn follows four intertwining stories, three of which are based in contemporary London and one of which is based in a kind of parallel fantasy environment called Meanwhile City. One of the title characters, Preest, is a sort-of masked vigilante detective who's the only atheist in Meanwhile City, played by Ryan Phillippe, who works to extract people from cults, has a big cynicism about the whole thing and hates The Ministry with a vengeance.

In short, it's like if Alan Moore wrote Love Actually:

Reader Comments

I don't think whoever wrote the blurb knows what "title characters" means. Unless Preest's name is Franklyn.

Ugh. Fail.

Ryan Phillippie?! meh.
You know, movies like this would be great if the lead person was kinda creepy, but not 'creepy' creepy but still kinda cool, but with some weird psychological brooding going on.. x)
but no, they have to have fake bad-asses who ruin the whole thing

bitchen mask, by the way

As if V for Vendetta wasn't the last 1984-esque piece of shit (sorry Alan Moore) that could possibly be crammed into the Bag o' Dystopian Future Movies (totalitarian governments required), this one just had to be squeezed out. ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!

...And the mask looks like a soft underside of a nose with two giant nostrils.

I dunno, I agree V for Vendetta was pretty eh... but I actually like Ryan Philippe and Eva Green. Maybe it won't suck.

That Willy Wonka army is the most frightening thing I have ever seen...

I thought they were guys from that one Scooby cartoon?

Finally my love of the score from The Fountain and my i-swear-to-god-i'm-not-a-lesbian style crush on Eva Green have a chance to hang out.

I'd watch it.

That was the most horribly edited trailer I've seen in ages. They cut someone off in mid-sentence at least three times.

@1 - "franklin" is a historical name for a free-man or free-holder - i.e. not a serf, nor a member of the gentry, so it could be a reference to that.

Was it just me or did they use all of Clint Mansell's movie themes in this trailer

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