Final 'Valkyrie' Trailer Makes Hitler Assassination Fun

October 31, 2008


Here's the final trailer to Valkyrie, the Bryan Singer-directed, Tom Cruise-starring historical thriller about a German assassination plot against Hitler. The film looks well made, but I can't help but feel a lack of tension knowing that the plot fails (thanks for the spoilers, history). I hope, to keep things interesting, there's a second, "or what if THIS happened?" ending where we see the plan succeed and Hiter gets blown up. You know, just something tasteful, like the fuhrer sees the bomb and is like, "Ooooohhh shiiiiii--" and then you see an explosion as Tom Cruise rides up on a horse, Hitler's mustache floating gently in the sky (like that CGI feather in Forrest Gump), and Cruise says, "Let's get the heil outta here!"

Maybe for the DVD?

Man, it is so tense when Tom Cruise gets pushed into a Nazi rally and accidentally holds out his assassination diary to Hitler--who then signs it, thinking it's an autograph book! Close one, Tom Cruise.

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