Oct 21 2008Everyone Stop Thinking Daniel Craig Might Play Thor


I was just sitting here thinking how Daniel Craig is probably going to play Thor when I came across this quote at IESB that completely shatters my theory. To the contrary, it turns out Daniel Craig is specifically NOT playing Thor, making me look like a fool:

IESB asked if Craig was interested in doing something a little different character-wise, like Thor?

Craig said no, he turned it down and laughed about it.

Sanchez continued, “seriously, I heard the folks over at Marvel had you on a short list to be Thor.”

Craig said yes they [Marvel] did approach him but he turned it down. He added jokingly, it would have been too much of a power trip, both Bond and Thor, and running around with long hair and a hammer.

Curious how silent he was on the subject of whether the part was then offered to and accepted by Shaq...

Reader Comments

curious indeed... I'm still holding out for an 80's Dolph Lundgren though... that guy is perfect for movies about comics/cartoons. yeah.... perfect.

A hammer? I'm holding out for Nathan Fillion, because, as we all know, the hammer is his penis.



Daniel Craig should play Steve Rogers Cap America.

And Brad Pitt should play Thor. Just look at him as Achilles in Troy

huh lar yoos!

I think the only way I'd see Thor is if Shaq starred. So expressive.

daniel craig, doing his finest tim dalton, dressed in drag (something like that 80s Cher video where her son plays bass as she flails her moose hoof across a gay navy ship), sticky after eating too many tangerines, and softer than the inside of a sweat-stained hooker's pelvic region; add a dash of vulgar, uninhibited sex ("yoo loike yer fistin' den, luv?"), and boom! you have your next Jim Bond.

Nathan Fillion?
Brad Pitt?

Fuck that.
Gerard Butler.

ahh, my faith come through! Jesus for Gerard Butler!
I've never even been to a church....

I'm glad he turned it down. He's no Thor. Just no.

I read that Kenneth Branaugh is directing Thor. What the FUCK? Hes probably going to make it into some kind of Shakespeare shit that he likes so much. Hes going to ruin Thor like Speilberg ruined War of the Worlds by not just having Tom Christ in the movie but, having him on screen 80% of the time. That was a waste.

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