Oct 1 2008'Bolt' Poster is Fully Awesome! (Their Words, Not Mine)


The air is getting cool; the leaves are falling from the trees; my winter coat is coming in. Yes, we're nearing the end of the year. But still, something seems a bit off. With only three months left before 2009, why have I not reached my full capacity for awesomeness in 2008? Ohhhh. It's because I haven't yet seen a move with a CGI cat, hamster, and dog-version of Harvey Keitel.

Bolt Poster [IMPA]

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Which one is which? The Hamster bears the strongest resemblance to Hannah Montana.

I'll be there.

those would be cute stuffed animals...
but why is Disney stealing Pixar's style???
Or, is this a Pixar movie, it's just that the evil D cronies own their souls now?

Why would Disney say it's a fully animated movie, we all can see a non-animated Hannah Montana inside a plastic ball.

@4 and 1

don't you guys get it? like Beowulf... ya know, motion capture thing?
it keeps the human element

That cat looks like a bitch.

...bet that's Miley too.....

thats the most ugliest dog ive ever seen. cgi-wise anyway.

yeah, i bet i'll be dragged to this movie, but i fucking refuse to see Chihuahua

hahahah, that IS Harvey Keitel

Travolta is the dog, Miley Crapus is the dog's co-star in the tv show. Not sure who voices the cat. The hamster's name is Rhino in the film (he's the comic relief) and I have no idea who does his voice.

I'd rather see this than the rat-dog chiwawa movie. Ugh.

That can't be Harvey Keitel. Ain't flashing his ween.

You can tell it's the awesomest, and also possibly 'rad' and 'bitchin' simply through the spastically uncontrollable eyebrow areas on all of the animated pets. That's how they appeal to kids y'know...spastic eyebrows.

@ K lee:


Must be my age, I looked at the dog and thought; "Jimmy Cagney"

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