Oct 13 2008'Australia' Poster: It's 'Gone with the Wind' Meets 'The Other Sister'


Can the kiss of Hugh Jackman turn Wax Nicole Kidman back into Semi-human, Usual Nicole Kidman? Only one films holds the answer. This November... get Australia'ed.

Australia Poster [Trailer Addict]

Reader Comments

ooooh. pretty type.

they could have made the picture look vintage, like the type looks....
ooo you're right it is pretty........

Brad Ausmus? Aborigines? I'm there.

It's hard for Nicole to emote with all those Botox treatments.


If only it didn't have the perpetually-frozen Nicole Kidman in it....

Should be "Australia'd." Everyone knows the ' gets rid of the e.

Also, I will probably see this, but Hugh and Nicole are both looking more than a little odd in this poster...

they look like just fell asleep mid-kiss. It's dumb.

hugh jackman looks like the sidekick to chuck

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