Oct 21 2008And That's Why You Always Formally Invite Your Vampire Girlfriend Inside


From shadow_king_6's response to the Yahoo! Answers question "Rules of being a vampire...?":

6=vampires cant go into some one home or church unless thay are invited in... and thay only have to be invited once.


That was voted Best Answer, so it must be true. But what happens if a vampire DOES enter a home uninvited? What then, shadow_king_6? Is that worth answer?

Well, guess what, shadow_king_6--I don't need your answer. This clip from Sweden's premiere childhood vampire horror romance, Let the Right One In, answers it for me. And the answer is horrible:

Yeesh! Women!

Reader Comments

Alls I can say is:


Well, that and wow, thems be Swedes for ya. What with the bleedin' and all.

Sooo if you don't invite them in they get their period?

*tries to be smart*
I guess they have vampire manners! Damn, I'm good.
and if they're rude it eats them up inside sort of but they literaly bleed all over the place


u mean bad, low budget cgi sets in when u dont allow the vampire to come in? wow. thats kind of interesting.

... that's allI can think of that's realistic
unless they just flat out bleed when they come in doors, just for the hell of it

What? Was the protagonist not tampon-looking enough for her to bleed all over the place?

So what about if you Rent or your in a Hotel Room...
and how does I.H.O.P or Wafflehouse fit into this...

would having sex with an underage vampire be weird because she/he's underage, or because she/he's a vampire?

Yes, frank. It would be weird, frank. And you know, it's also weird to ask that question, FRANK. What the hell? How about you never say anything again? weirdo.

I think that makes sense about her having massive hematoma. Vampires drink blood, so if they break the rules, they should leak blood all over the place. Cool beans. This looks really good as a vampire movie because they never ask those kinds of questions in the typical vampire movie... that I know of. If I've missed something please tell me.

if i don't ask that question, who will, JL? hmm?

and in all seriousness, thank you JL, at least someone is reading the ridiculous shit i write on these comment pages; what good is dementia when no one is there to ridicule it?

the interesting question would be if it makes u more of a pedophile or a necrophiliac.... or both?


@ Frank - yea, sure it'd be weird - but it'd probably be legal too due to the fact that vampires don't age(?) so a vampire kid could be hundreds of years old. Probably has more notches in the bed post than Peter North too.

I saw this film the other night and that moment was a very cool suprise. I really dug the hell out of the whole thing. It's not a typical "vampire" movie and in fact I wouldn't even classify it as such. It's a movie with a vampire in it. The differences in storytelling were staggering, but in a good way. Both kids did a fantastic job. In fact at one point when Oskar is on the lake, the entire theatre cheered. I highly recommend you see it before the eventual bastardized american version.

Wow, you bring up a good point I hadn't thought of while watching trailers for this movie, DITPML.

Every time there is a good horror movie outside the U.S., Hollywood always thinks they can do a better job. ie Grudge, Ring, whatever. I'm just glad they haven't fucked with Audition yet. Miike is a genius, 'cause that was the scariest shit I ever saw. What's wrong with giving credit to all those foreign films out there. We Americans are so uncultured it's sickening. We have no sense of anything beyond our borders and that's why the masses won't see these great foreign films.

i love the discourse that's enveloping here, jesus christ, someone phone Tisch, we have indie filmmaker cred up the asshole. someone call Vilgot Sjoman, we have a live one. This is the kind of shit you write down in your tattered journal on some lonely hallow's eve. "oh shit, that nine-year old is dressed as a vampire, i bet if i couple that with some glenn gould, fuck it, lets go indie, ill shove some elliott smith on there, early albums, either/or, maybe, fuck it." if anyone lives in the L.A. area, particularly the westside, go to Vidiots, rent some perversely beautiful cinema, and start believing in yourself again. stay disgusting.

Yea there ya go JL - make sweeping generalizations about how uncultured Americans are because you like to name drop.

You think people in other countries have a good idea of what really goes on within our borders? The people that actually know anything real about the US don't get their information from watching movies. Watching foreign films doesn't make you cultured and if you think it does I bet you also watch MTV News for your election updates.

Try this on for size. Different cultures have different beliefs or values. Movies that resonate here in the US may not necessarily do well in foreign markets and that's why there are certain films that no one even bothers to market internationally. The inverse is also true. Many films have underlying themes that simply may not resonate well with the US audiences and so if the film has a solid plot but needs to be redone to mesh with US sensibilities then go for it. Capitalism baby.

It would've been hilarious if there had been some invisible vampire barrier and the girl just walked into it like a moron walking into a sliding glass door (Hey, I only did it those 2 times!), then fall down and go "what the hell?!?" (hears crickets, damn...)

That vampire girl has one fatass nose.

Yes, Go Goya, I think a lot of people outside our borders know what goes on inside our borders. They come and go all the time, especially European tourists. And another thing: WE PLASTER IT ALL OVER THE TV. Fat, overindulgent, unhealthy, wasteful, sexually frustrated America shows itself for exactly what it is in all of its television shows and ads. And our president doesn't reinforce the idea that Americans have any intelligence whatsoever. No I don't get my election updates from MTV news, because I wouldn't be stupid enough to pay the cable company to send it to my home. You seem to think America is doing just fine. Why don't you step out your front door and take another look.

You only have to invite them once? So when Michael says " I didn't invite you this time Max." In Lost Boys he was wrong? Crap, my whole vampire driven idealogy is now shattered.

first of all, to anyone who is dismissive of this clip...SEE THIS MOVIE! Its absolutely amazing. And to the person that slagged her nose, WTF...she's a 12 year old girl! Really? You think that's cool? She does have a different look, and that's what makes her so great for this part. She hardly needs any makeup ever to look just perfect in this role. This movie is such a refreshing break from the usual hollywood treatment of vampires, and it's a very poignant romance story too. They actually deal VERY indirectly with the questions that some other people raised above about a 12 year old and/or a vampire being the object of affection. She's 12, but then again, she's been 12 for a looooong loooong time. What's really interesting is to contemplate who the man at the beginning of the movie is, and how he just may be a previous "Oskar".... I think that he is, and it makes his ending all the more romantic. This movie is ridiculously good. It's way more story driven than effects driven.

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