Sep 19 2008'Whaledreamers' Trailer, For Everyone Who Dreams About Whales


Hey, do you like whales and the primitive cultures that celebrate them? Then you're going to want to watch this trailer for the documentary Whaledreamers. Do you trust the producing instincts of Julian Lennon, who has jumped into this whole "online thing" with How about the reviews of an address? If so, then you're really going to want to watch this trailer, but know that I don't understand you as a human.

Sure, someone from Angelfire likes it, but what are people from Geocities saying?

Reader Comments

first again? prolly cause whales is mad boring

hey what was that movie that made me cry?... well, not cry, exactly....
anyway, was it Whaleriders?? with that girl? and the old guy? and the whale?

Yeah, Whale Rider, that was a good movie, and I love whales, so I'm all for Whaledreamers! Maybe it's a play on words? And it's about those of us who have one WHALE of a dream... :-(

The popular Star Trek IV film featured a whale or two. So did that Bo Derek movie, Orca, although a Killer Whale is really more of a porpoise, really. Conclusion: everyone loves blubber.

Yes, I trust Julian Lennon's instincts. This film has won many awards and people are saying great things about it.

So please give the film a chance without being so cynical.

Thank you.

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