This Movie Will Make You Scared To Touch Unsanded Wood Ever Again

September 25, 2008


Over the years, horror movie protagonists have been forced deal with foes wielding a diverse arsenal of chainsaws, knives, machetes, saws (Saw wielded a saw, right?), and basically anything that can be used to stab or bludgeon someone. But there's one deadly weapon that's always been considered too big a threat for even the horror genre to take on... until now! I'm talking of course about splinters. Like "splinter" splinters? The non-threatening nuisance? Yes. But in this case THEY'RE DEADLY. I guess.

Here's the trailer. I wish there were tweezers strong enough to pluck it out of my memory.

By the way, Splinter, "splinters" and "spines" aren't the same thing. Just something to keep in mind for Splinter 2.

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