Stephen Sommers Directing 'Tarzan', Probably 'Tarzan Returns'

September 3, 2008


Stephen Sommers, best known for making stupid movies about Brendan Fraser fighting mummies (and occasionally Hugh Jackman fighting vampires), is currently destroying your childhood nostalgia as he tops off his live-action G.I. Joe with a zesty sadness vinaigrette. But what's he up to next? Here's a hint: it involves someone swinging from trees and screaming, and it's not Bobo the Tree-tard. From Variety:

Stephen Sommers is in negotiations to direct a bigscreen version of "Tarzan" for Warner Bros. and producer Jerry Weintraub.

Sommers will also co-write the "Tarzan" script with Stuart Beattie. Sommers directed the recently wrapped "G.I. Joe" for Paramount, with Beattie penning the final draft of the screenplay.

Burroughs’ "Tarzan of the Apes" was written in 1912. Onscreen, the ape-man character became strongly identified with Johnny Weismuller during the 1930s in MGM’s series of features.

Oh brother, there goes Hollywood, screwing with my childhood memories again!*

*I'm 86 years old.

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