Sep 5 2008'Slacker Uprising' is Worth Nothing


Michael Moore has announced that his newest film, Slacker Uprising, will be available as a free download beginning September 23. The documentary follows Moore's 62-city tour during the 2004 election, revealing how appearances by Aragorn and members of Pearl Jam somehow failed to mobilize enough young "slacker" voters to get Bush out of the White House. Here's the trailer, to decide if its worth using your modem bauds:

Moore admitted, "This film, really isn't for anybody other than the choir," but man, even as a member of his staunchly liberal choir, I'm still not sure I can handle hymns that involve "college kids eat ramen noodles!" jokes.

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Looks good, I think I'll download it.

That's strange...for some reason the trailer failed to mention that despite Moore's fattest efforts, sadly, Bush still won.

LOL!!! They tried to pray him off the stage!!!

Michael Moore may have gotten off the couch, but apparently he should have found his way to a treadmill....
Oooh fat jokes.

what the fuck is the point of this? he finally admits he's a fat loser who's partially responsible for an EPIC (PRESIDENTIAL) FAIL? he ridiculed the democratic party and politicians in general instead of getting people away from the republicans.

If Moore films his own immolation give me a call. Otherwise, not interested.

I'll check it out but I bet it doesn't even mention the biggest problem: people have work and other obligations on Election Day -- it's held on a Tuesday. If the US government really wanted to improve voter turnout all they'd have to do is make Election Da a national holiday:

Wow, fat hippie turd giving out crappy high calorie food in exchange for votes!

This year he should try giving out blowjobs maybe that'll work.

The WANT elections on the weekday bro. because all the republicans are WORKING and the dems are home. They'd win all the elections if they weren't so lazy. Maybe we should have the voting booths at the welfare office?

Buck Farack!!! and have a nice weekend!

If the only thing anyone can ever say about Michael Moore is that he's fat then i think he's done a pretty good job. Why is it that anytime someone has something to say people automatically go in on the persons appearance first? If you don't like what someone has to say then argue your point don't attack their weight or how they look. I think it shows a great lack of intelligence when the only argument you can make against someones views is that they should "sit their fat ass down". Of all the things said in that video and all the things he has said (whether you agree or not) in his movies, the only thing you want to focus on discussing is his weight? SERIOUSLY?

And P.S. -- that was the 2004 election and it depends greatly on who you talk to and how you choose to look at it as to who actually won that election. Maybe Dem's didn't win but i wouldn't say MM's efforts were lost, the world wasn't built in a day and i'd say by the look of the turn out and support this election, he just may have made an impact.

How does his weight have any relation to his film making? In Canada you get exemptions from work to vote. Meaning you leave you vote you come back. You can also vote by mail or absentee vote. Options should be available in the USA... one would hope... GO UNIVERSAL MEDICARE!

was this the election that Bush won by like 500 votes in his brothers state ??
If anyone has the balls to stand up and do something then that's a good thing, fat or thin.

9, 10, and 11 are all fat cows. You can tell. And one is from Canada! ZING!

11, No it was not the Bush Gore election of was for the Bush renomination.
10, his weight is only an issue if you are disgusted by fat greasy pig people. Also, I think the cinnematographer has issue with attempting to fit that fat turd with pan and scans. I do believe this new movie was an attempt to use more distant crane shots in auditoriums both because it easier to fit him in the shot and because the crane doubles as a tool to get his fat ass off the bus in the morning,
9, Although he is in fact fat, and it is difficult not to notice that he is in fact fat. He is also simply rather gross. He is making a movie for crying out loud. Is it really so difficult to shave and maybe take a bath once in a while. You just look at him and you can almost smell the body oder and garlic cheese breath.
Further, I don't care who you talk to, Bush simply won the 2004 election without much question or complaint from people with half a brain. Although I would also like to put out there that he also won the 2000 election and people need to get over it.
12, Yup

I can't wait to see this film.

This "movie" looks like it's just a "look how great I am" self-promotion. Maybe if the Dems had won the election, this might be more relevant. For now, it's pretty dumb.

@ emily/sarah

Put down the twinkies. I cannot give anyone any credibility on anything when they a: cannot control their own eating habits
b: cannot find the time to take a shower

I applaud Michael Moore for having the balls to do what he does.

*standing O*

Is it so wrong for someone to actually want to make things better here? What have you dont lately? If it wasn't his weight you would find something else to bitch about.

I think 15's about the only one who's got the criticism right - all this stupid fat crap and partisan bashing is ridiculously off-topic.

As a movie, this appears (based on the trailer at least) stupid and self-serving. This whole notion of the "youth vote" - esp against the GOP - gets trotted out at most elections since at least '72 (and never really amounts to much). It's nothing new or special.

And even if the movement was exceptional in '04, this movie (based on the trailer at least) seems to suggest that it was all Moore's doing - hence the self-serving part.

Ideologically, I tend to agree with Moore, and I think he's done some amazing stuff in the past. This ain't it - it's the perfect fodder for the anti-Moore brigade. You don't need your disgustingly shallow anti-fat rants - attack him on the substance, not the surface.

PS. That list of celebrities really has to make you cringe.

He's fat.

18, i agree with you for the most part, I think the reason he released it for free was because it WAS after-the-fact, self-serving, and yah i'm not sure i'd pay to go see it (and I see all his films). I think he realized this but that whole period meant so much to him he couldn't just shelf the footage. Maybe an Homage to the youth vote, maybe just nostalgia, like a hippie proud of the peace movement even though vietnam lasted half a decade after the summer of love. Very "Look what I orchestrated!" even AFTER editing (and as we all know, editing can make Hitler look like Mother Theresa) and that's a turnoff. Instead of patting himself on the back, there are issues upon issues leftover from the retarded cowboy's reign of terror that he could be focusing his talents on. I still look forward to his next film.

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