Sep 30 2008Madonna Made This Movie and There's a Trailer


If you're a big fan of Madonna or Gogol Bordello, you'll probably want to watch this trailer for Filth and Wisdom, the directing debut of Madonna, starring Bordello's Eugene Hütz. If you are not a fan of these things, then please join the rest of humanity in ignoring the directing debut of Madonna.

I have a soft spot for Richard E. Grant and gyrating girls, but still, not worth it.

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looks like the kind of weird thing I'd like to see
but I can't say I liked the trailer cause you'd think I'm a fan of Madonna
I'm not, but I love how she pisses people off x)
......and I'll be first to say OMFG BORAT'S COUSIN

Borats cousin - limited brain there chap. Look up Gogol Boredllo - they've been around as long as Borat and definitely longer than your reference of it.

Eugene is very talented - too bad Madonna will use him and spit him out when she's done.

I know I know- just wanted to be the first idiot to say that
and I love that actor so I am gonna see this flick


Gogol is entertaining and Eugene was great in Wristcutters: A Love Story, but this has "gargantuan turd" written all over it.

this looks like the typical quirky english comedy that we've been making since the 70's but don't sell in america.

If I didn't know who the director was I would swear its mel smith.
Maybe she deserves that faux london accent.

the project is quite old. i remember seeing scenes form this trailer ages ago.
gogol bordello is awesome. I loved wristcutters and it seemed like madonna did as well. they use the same soundtrack and they are sort of exploiting the bands folk/punk roots.

i might actually see it, its got a couple of good points goin for it, among others that hot chick who was also in 'this is england'.

You know what - it looks pretty good. I like stuff like this, so I say bring it on over, Madge.

that wasn't eugene in wristcutters. the character eugene was based upon him, and the movie did include gogol bordello. eugene is like 6'5" or something, the character was a midget.

Poopsmith speaks the truth.

Eugene is NOT in Wristcutters.

Eugene IS in "Everything Is Illuminated" and he kicks major ass. The guy has personality that goes on for days and days.

I freaking LOVE Gogol Bordello!! About time he was in a movie :) Even though Madonna directed it...maybe Guy Richie rubbed off on her in a good way

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