Sep 11 2008If You Run Out of Oscars, It's Because 'The Soloist' Has Them All


Here's the trailer for The Soloist the semi-real inspirational story of reporter Robert Downey Jr. finding redemption by helping schizophrenic hobo Jamie Foxx play the cello. The only way this thing could be better Oscar bait is if they painted it gold, put it in a wig and makeup, and had it give some coquettish glances to the Oscar statues. "Hey, booooooys!"

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Wait, no batman?

Not too shabby, should be a good one. RDJr. is an amazing actor


Dish out what you want, this movie looks sharp.

The only bad thing is that they use Cello's Greatest Hit as some kind of themesong. Someone should tell Hollywood that there are other compositions for cello.

No, really.

No thanks!

Oh sweet! Radio 2!

@Frank: You mean, Bach?

I liked this movie the first time when it was called Ray and the musician was blind and not retarded

hmmm Keira Knightley isn't in this movie? Wowzerz

dam even the trailer made me cry.... imma stick with iron man, thanks

LOOKS Awsome!


thank you. that was a much needed laugh.

He looks like Danny Glover on crack.

Could be good...could also turn out like 'August Rush'. Either way, not since 'The Pursuit of Happiness' has a movie so screamed Oscar-bait XD

*Not that that's a bad thing, but when it's obvious it does take a way from it a bit..

Cocaine is a helluva drug!


Bach's composition for cello being the instrument's Greatest Hit.
Hence Cello's Greatest Hit.

did his face wound switch sides?

You know, the suites for solo cello may be what "everyone" (ie, the average classical music lover) knows, but they know it because it's some of the greatest music ever made. And a movie trailer isn't the place to conduct an education of the public. There may be other music for solo cello, even other music that's as good, but there's none better or more iconic.

this is wonderful. another actor trying to portray a musician, and badly.

at least get the form right, assholes. what garbage, and both well under average actors, I might add.

ew everyone on this site is annoying as hell.

this movie looks so good, oscar worthy, and most importantly well acted.
robert downey jr is amazing, and even tho i cannot stand jamie foxx i am impressed.

i'd like to know what u people consider 'good movies' since every trailer i click on has a majority of people bashing it.


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