Sep 26 2008'Bruno' Sighted in Milan, Swathed in Fabric


Sacha Baron Cohen, currently playing pranks as he shoots Borat 2: Gay Joke Borat, was spotted in Milan today acting like an a-hole on the runway of Agatha Ruiz de Prada's show. From Yahoo:

Baron Cohen is in Milan making a new film about fashion centered on his character Bruno, a flamboyant Austrian fashionista.

He bowled onto the start of the catwalk rolled up in what turned out to be a long, black caped outfit with eccentric accessories.

After a few minutes of darkness while Baron Cohen, or Bruno, was escorted off the catwalk, the show started again. Models had kept their cool but the designer was visibly upset when she appeared at the end of the show.

Baron Cohen's film is titled "Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male."

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada's show restarted after the actor left. The designer said her show was inspired by Spanish painter Diego Velazquez and the headdresses were based on typical Spanish piatas

Whew! I'm glad they got back to the fashion by the end. Even if an article is titled "Borat actor crashes Agatha's party at fashion show," I still expect to hear whether or not the crashed show was inspired by Spanish painted Diego Velazquez. Good reporting, Jo Winterbottom.

Reader Comments

that's perfect xD

if you see the photos people took other then the video then the guy who's pulling him off stage is laughing his ass off

the pictures of Cohen crashing the fashion show in Milan hardly look like him... judging by the aftermath, though, it looks like it was an effective marketing ploy

Does that picture of Cohen remind any one else of Andy Samberg in a SNL skit?

Is this film some kind of Frankenstein remake? I wonder if he manages to make a heterosexual male by the end of the film.

I read "Spanish pinatas" and, wow, that would be a great hat.

this was great. agatha ruiz de la prada is so stupid (not to mention a fucking waste of space), i hope this appears in all the glossy magazines around (spain) just so we can see her face after the show :D

"Borat 2: Gay Joke Borat"

Classic, bravo!

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