Aug 14 2008'Watchmen' Posters Compared to Original Ads for Easier Complaining


Plasmic Studios has constructed a page where you can, at just a simple mouse-over, compare the Watchmen character posters with the original comic ads they were based on. They'll make you either say, "Wow, they went through a lot of trouble to recreate these scenes, even down to subtle props" or, "What!? His ass proportions are entirely different than the real Dr. Manhattan's ass proportions!" depending on how into freaking out you are.

Here they are.

Reader Comments

This is total crap, his ass cheeks don't sync up properly. . . ha! no, I'm dying to see this movie . . . I want to leave work now. . . Someone break me out of this friggin prison!!

What's worse is you can see Laurie's ass! The only ass we want is Dr. M's!

Looks great, I hope the movie is as good as the original story. I keep picking up the book and reading chapters here and there. Cant wait for the film.

Minor minor minor minor, i know...

but the who watches the watchmen kinda makes me....oh nevermind.

Unfortunately, a frame-for-frame recreation does not in any way guarantee a good movie, or even an accurate one.

I agree with Liz, but at least they made the effort try to make the posters as close as possible, and I appreciate that at least. I've been bitching about this since I heard they were making the movie, so I feel like I at least have to say one positive thing about the whole shabang.

hey look, an uneven ass


Well, if they're uneven, then I guess they aren't really his ass... I'll leave you to figure out the rest.*

*They're his balls.

wish i had the guts to film an entire movie for the entire world to see me naked. Course it would be considered a horror movie and a floppy err I mean flop.

man is not tilting his neck like the drawing.

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