Aug 15 2008Warner Doesn't Care About Harry Potter-Lovers' Fragile Psyches


Bad news for people who like those kid wizard books that became kid wizard movies: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has been pushed back from November of this year to July 17, 2009 because Warner thinks it would make more money then.

To summarize:

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harry potter is overrated.

I am so pissed off, i'm boycotting the WB. this is bullshit. i heard about this last night and flipped the shit out. i een posted a vlog on my youtube about it.
yes i am a nerd, yes it is "just a movie" based off of a "silly children's book" but damn it! you can't wait until 98 days before the release to go and bump it back to 335 days because "oh, it will make more money" FUCK YOU WB!
i'm not seeing the movie next summer, i'm watching it bootlegged online bc even though i detest such a thing, you do not deserve my money after i saw batman 4 times!

why is everyone so angry about this? how can you expect a MOVIE STUDIO to do anything that won't maximize their profits? since when have they cared more about pleasing viewers than making money?

i'm disappointed, because now i have to wait longer. but pushing it back MAKES SENSE for them. there's no reason for anger. save yourselves the time and frustration and deal with it.

Those Bastards!!

Wow Pepper... just... WOW...

Wow. I don't care for Harry Pooter, but that's a dickish move.

This is the same shit HBO pulled with The Sopranos, except there were no seasonal concerns. They just came right out and said, "We're going to make people wait to increase anticipation."

I agree with Pepper on this. These films exist because there is demand for them. What WB has done is an abuse of the fan base.

The reason it's disappointing is because Warner Bros continues to flaunt the fact that they don't care at all about this series. It sucks to know that something so treasured by millions of people around the world is controlled by people who constantly shit on it and don't care what the fans want.
The Lord of the Rings movies made just as much money being released in December (and won awards!) because it was handled properly and gracefully with respect shown to both film as an art and the books as great literature.
Warner Bros and David Heyman are just lazy. It sucks for HP fans everywhere that they won the rights for it.

iwatchstuff guy - awesome sad wizard.

the picture of that sad wizard is the epitome of how i feel right now.

thanks a LOT, iwatchstuff writer

: /

Your clipart collection is amazing. Sad!Wizard FTW!

Right on Pepper.

fuckers! I'll be old by then

now i don't feel bad that i download movies and keep my money for myself =)

I was telling a friend about this and she brought up a good point as to why this could very well backfire on WB: right now it's been a little over a year since the last book released, and the excitement for the series is overall down from what it has been, and the longer the WB holds out on this movie, the more the excitement will dwindle, leaving only the most dedicated still in great anticipation of this film. Seeing as next summer will be two whole years since the last book came out, excitement will probably have dwindled a good amount. WB needs to release this now to keep as many people as possible in anticipation of not only this film but those to follow it.

Amphetadex, I had the same type of conversation with one of my friends. They say the summer release would be better because of families being able to see it but in reality, the people who want to see it now (who aren't die hard fans) won't care as much when it comes out in July thus resulting in LESS people seeing it. I swear movie studios are filled with idiots.

This is just idiotic. Instead of dominating Thanksgiving and cranking it through Christmas and even to MLK day (a solid movie weekend), they're going to throw it into the pressure cooker of summer when you have to do it all in two weeks at most. When kids have a zillion different things to do since school is ending or out and the weather is good. Didn't the weakness of Prince Caspian teach them anything? Or Prisoner of Azkaban?

What is wrong with studios? Some of the biggest films ever were released in December (Titanic, LOTR trilogy) -- all four of those films have very long legs made possible by the Xmas Holiday and the lack of outdoor competition in January. Also, despite all the kids being off a lot during this period, the studios insist on throwing a bunch of tedious Oscar pretenders that nobody outside of the pretentious crowd want to see. Even the crappiest kid films can make a good profit in the void that the studios create in December.

They must have a stupidity test for Hollywood. If you're good looking, you get to be an idiot actor. If you're not, then you get to be a studio head or producer.



everyone who read the book knows how it ends. so, big deal unless you cant read!!

WAHOO!!! Twilight tooks its spot! twilight is SOOOO much better!

I like how WB pushed this back because they think more people will watch it in the summer. Have they forgotten that kids and adults actually went to midnight releases for these books. That's amazing right there. I'm 23 years old and barely have the attention span to finish a Goosebumps book. It really is sad how WB just openly showed their greed there.

Oh and Alan Horn, "I've seen the movie. It is fabulous." Thanks for the kick in the balls. Douche.

I'm so pissed off about this i signed the online petition. I'm even angrier that they didn't tell anyone until after the release of Batman. I went to see the damn thing. Well no more. They can stuff it up their arse.

i'm not buying another WB product or watching their TV shows until they move it back. If they don't i'm boycotting the film in July.

Hahaha thankyou for the sad wizard cartoon, brilliant. So people have to wait, anyone who ever kidded themselves that Rowling and Warner did the books and movies for profit then I guess they just cut themselves a big slice of reality pie.

Yep: fuck you WB


@8: The Harry Potter movies are not art, although they're probably closer to art than the books are to great literature... unless you call meeting every single cliche of the genre and having a main character who can't do anything without large amounts of help and Deus Ex Machinas "great literature."

I used to like Harry Potter, but ever since the depressing turn into dark and emo mode that the story took, the terrible final novel, the homosexual Dumbledore announcement, and the release of that ridiculously worshipped "Tales of Beedle the Bard" crap that looked like a 12-year-old's doodles in the margins of his notebook, I can't stand the series.

I'm a 25 year old technically savvy male that will have no problem downloading this movie when it leaks on torrent sites within the next year prior to its release. I think perhaps then Warner will see the error of their ways when everybody just watches it for free because they didn't feel like waiting another year. Good job!

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