Aug 25 2008'Toy Story 3' Has a Poster for Its Two-Years-From-Now Release


Thanks to Joe for passing on what's apparently an early poster for Pixar's Toy Story 3. Some are bound to take issue with how the characters are on a background the color of poop, or how it isn't even the right dimensions for a poster, bringing its credibility as an official poster into doubt. Let them talk, I say. They need to learn to appreciate best-friendship between sentient toys for what it is: the only thing that's real in this world.

Toy Story 3 Poster [Filmonic]

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Alittle late today Mr.Movie writer?

FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE (but really, its a fake)

To quote Romulan Chancellor Vernak:

"It's a FAAAAAAKE!!"

I'm calling fake. Mostly because there is no indication of a storyline for the sequal in this photo, the characters look like they're hand drawn, and one of the space-y symbols in the background looks too much like the Star of David to get past a first draft. This looks like the cover of a book version of the original film. Way to go, "Joe"

It's already been proved fake.

Something is wrong with Buzz's eyes -- they don't look right.

That's promotional style guide artwork from the first film.

So yeah, fake.

what's with the stream of toilet paper in the background?

You leave This A lone
I Mean it This is Real

My Friend Casey Was Happy About
This So You The Toy Story 3 Lego alone
It is Real !!!!!

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