Aug 15 2008R-Rated 'Death Race' Trailer Has Effs, CS'ers, Blood


My favorite part is when Ian McShane says, "This should be interesting." Because, no it shouldn't.

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I don't know what was more upsetting: the fact that the trailer apparently hates my computer and has slowed it down more than previously seemed possible or the fact that the trailer is of Death Race.

I mean Tyrese and Statham I get, but Joan Allen and Ian McShane must have pimped out their agent's daughters to be within 500 ft. of this poo-fest.

This is a movie that's not ashamed to be what it is, and I respect that.


I have watched loads of crap for Jason Statham, I don't mind adding another load. So long as it embraces the utter stupidity of the plot, luxuriates in it, then it'll be fine by me. Great movie? No, but that's okay because it'll still entertain.

Props #3 and #4, I hate critics and movie buffs alike that walk into a movie expecting it to be more than what it blatantly is! If Statham wants to play another cliche' badass in a movie with more gory kills than full sentences, I'm down! They can't all be Sundance winners.

Props to #5 for giving props to #3 and #4.

5# props to you as well.

This trailer is giving me everything i was expecting from this film so i hope when i download it it continues to give me what i expect.

As it is I wont be disappointed.

This doesn't look like it will even approach the fun of the original. Lining up the residents of the retirement home so that David Carradine could score points for running over them remains one of my favorite B-movie scenes ever.

That is one funny scene.

I hope it has the same killing pedestrians for points as the original but I doubt it.
That is the only thing that will let this down.
I heard that lots of people get run over but no points for that.

I liked it better when it was 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Because Girls Like Horror Too!

i'll watch anything with jason statham in it - including sitting through a scratched up dvd of In The Name of the King. i didn't even listen to the dialogue. he's so hot he makes my armpits wet.

Anyone know when Carmaggeddon will grace our computers again?

Ian McShane was being ironic... no?

thank god it doesnt star Keanu Reeves. Oof , he sucks.

Isn't this just a remake of the Sylvester Stallone "Death Race 2000" from the 70's?

dear IWatchStuff writer:

This is the funniest fucking post, ever.

Yours in love,

Wow, I couldn't stop laughing when I read this post. I think It's gonna bea good movie because It's just a pure action film. Nothing else. Same with Crank (which is one of my favorite films). Beside I love Jason Statham.

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