Aug 15 2008'Punisher' Might Lose Only Thing Keeping it Mildly Watchable


Whether you thought the red-band trailer looked bad-ass or like an embarrassing straight-to-DVD knock-off with none of the usual low-budget gore charm, the overall consensus on Punisher seemed to be that if it does prove itself entertaining, that value will be based solely on the gratuitous, insane violence. I mean, if you take away all the chairs violently shoved in eye-holes, what's left? Answer: a probably awful movie without any chairs violently shoved in eye-holes. But that may be exactly what we'll get, with Lionsgate reportedly pushing for a PG-13 rating:

One of my contacts deep within the bowels of Hollywood and close to the Punisher: War Zone project (source will not be named. Sorry!) told me today that the big fight over the Punisher project is Lionsgate wants a PG-13 cut to be released.

Lionsgate can always say, "This was never intended to be PG-13. We always had an R rating in mind." but I trust Hollywood as far as I can throw it. I'm sure there's some Lionsgate exec thinking this film can do what The Dark Knight has done with a PG-13 rating.

Of course, this is all just rumor for now, but I think it's probably a bad sign that they're reportedly also changing the title from Punisher: War Zone to Punisher: Lazer Tag Adventure.

Lionsgate Wants A PG-13 Punisher: War Zone? [Latino Review]

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i think the R rating needs to stay

and possibly he needs to kill some naked bitches just to ensure the R rating

Alright, Watcher, I argued with your red band post, but I agree here. The Punisher does not work in anything less than an R rating. It's taking away the one thing that made the comic great. I'm less than enthused, now.

What the hell is the point? Is he just going to give his enemies a strong shove so they'll fall over and lie still? While The Dark Knight was able to get away with a lot of graphic imagery for a comic book movie, this ain't even close.

First the Max Payne movie gets a PG-13 rating and now fucking Punisher?!

Wtf are they can't a hyper graphic idea like The Punisher and make it PG-13...

The Punisher is an extremely violent comic book what worked in the Dark Knight wont work here. The trailer alone was a hard R.

I was mildly interested in seeing this because it looked like a true capture of the punisher's mindset. Not so if they make it PG-13....if that's the case enjoy your week long stay in the theater and your 1.5 million dollar opening.

whos stupid srsly wtf...

i think if he choked a pimp with a bag of coke we might get the r rating we want...

Well I do not think I will be watching this movie now.

ah dicks. Frank Castle wouldn't know what to do with himself if he lived in a universe restricted by a PG-13 rating.

Nothing says "Cinematic Appeal" like a chair leg through an eye-socket. Bravo Hollywood, Bravo.

Thomas Jane was right for leaving this pile of crap movie.....

Wow Lionsgate has lost it completely.
I wonder if they're planning a sequel to Open Water because I don't think that would even surprise me after reading this.

But truth be told I probably wouldn't pay to see this movie either way.

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