Aug 5 2008Jackie Chan Will Star in Thing with Spies, Babysitting, Internet


I've got some good news if you're into Jackie Chan and rage-inducing comedy: Jackie Chan has a new rage-inducing comedy coming out. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Jackie Chan is taking his martial-arts high jinks to the neighbors, signing on to star in "The Spy Next Door," an action comedy to be financed by Relativity Media and directed by veteran studio helmer Brian Levant.

Jonathan Bernstein and Jim Greer are penning the screenplay for "Spy," which centers on a man (Chan) who is called to baby-sit his neighbor's children and winds up having to fight off secret agents after one of the kids inadvertently downloads a secret code.

Well, at least the reasoning for Jackie Chan defending kids from secret agents is sound. It's because he's a spy living in a suburban neighborhood and babysitting some kids. And something with the internet. (I love the internet!)

Reader Comments

Wasn't there already a Vin Diesel movie like this?

The Pacifier already did this besides the spy part, unless he ends up being that dude with his wife that try to steal GHOST.

I thought they made Adventures In Babysitting. Remember when Elizabeth Shue was hot and relevant? Ah, good times....

With each successive English-language movie Jackie does it seems that rather than picking projects he's somehow being tricked into every one he makes. I stand by this supposition for the Hollywood careers of Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh, & Chow-Yun Fat as well.

Oh, man, Kindergarten Cop! I haven't seen that since the last time I tried to kill myself slowly and painfully.

Jackie Chan should just go back to actual martial arts movies where he ends up hurting himself. No, I don't care how old he is.

Sorry to say, but, Hollywood marginalizes Asian men and typecasts them to irrelevent, asexual roles. Jackie should go back to Asia, where he's respected and where his talents will be fully utilized.

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