Aaron Sorkin Making Facebook Even More Obnoxiously Present Outside of Facebook

August 28, 2008


Aaron Sorkin has managed to create a story even more ludicrous than a fake story about him announcing an animated continuation of The West Wing, and he's somehow done it within a week. Ready for the unrealistically-clever dialogue-filled story of Facebook? From Variety:

Aaron Sorkin has a Facebook page -- and a new screenwriting gig.

Sorkin set up a page for himself on the social networking site, essentially announcing that he will be scripting a movie about the formation of Facebook.

The film will focus on the evolution of Facebook from its 2004 creation on the Harvard campus by sophomore Mark Zuckerberg to a juggernaut with more than 60 million members. The company was reportedly valued at $16 billion last year when Microsoft outbid Google to invest $240 million for a 1.6% stake in the company.

Well set my status to "is excited someone is making a movie about setting up a website!" I'll be there opening night, along with all of the discarded acquaintances I still consider friends because I receive impersonal updates about their relationship status! Or at least with whoever RSVPs to my event invitation!

Actually, I can't see this ever really getting made. I'm assuming that whenever Facebook sets up the "be a fan of Facebook: The Movie" thing, that will be the end of everything.

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