Jul 17 2008'Watchmen' Teaser Trailer is Slow Motioney, Smashing Pumpkinsey


I was just reading this interview with Alan Moore--in which he re-affirms his feelings that he hates Hollywood, hates DC, and thinks Watchmen shouldn't be made into a film, particularly by someone who made such a "racist," "homophobic," and "sublimely stupid" film as 300--and it got me thinking that maybe a Watchmen movie really is a bad idea. It was a story meant to be told on the page, and maybe it should remain there. Then Juan sent over the link to the new Watchmen teaser, and I was like, "Holy shit, it's living, breathing Watchmen characters! This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen."

Then I started noticing Zack Snyder's ubiquitous slow motion shots, and christ, a remix of the Smashing Pumpkins song from Batman and Robin? That's here? We've given Watchmen to someone willing to let it be associated with Batman and Robin. I just don't know about this.

UPDATE: Fixed the trailer, watch it here.

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Thank Christ that link doesn't work for me because I'm going to a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Friday morning and even so I couldn't wait to soak this puppy in.

Unfortunately now I'll be scouring YouTube for this trailer.

I watched it on YouTube.

I actually think it's a really well-made trailer, and even it is made by Zack Snyder, I can't help but look forward to this.

Apparently Empire "officially" delayed it until midnight EST so youtube's the best bet until then.

Haha, Alan Moore rocks. Good job not sparing Frank Miller/Zack Snyder from your true feelings.

But hey, I'm all about a Watchmen movie, even if Moore isn't. Sure, I hated V For Vendetta and "LXG," but I'm a fool for this kinda stuff.

Sorry, watchmen wont work as a film. It might be alright but itll be miles, miles short of being of the quality of watchmen the graphic novel. All Snyder has done is made it look like the graphic novel which is by far the easiest part.

@5 -- don't tell me, you're one of those fanboys with two copies of the "graphic novel"--it's a fucking comic book--one perfectly preserved in mylar, and the other with half the pages stuck together. Geez, kid, calm down and put that tiny boner away before somebody get's hurt.

Can anyone post a link to the youtube version? I dug through about fifteen homemade crapjobs and I can't find the thing.

That trailer looks fucking amazing. Alan Moore can dislike the idea of putting comics into film but hey, it's his fucking opinion. Too bad. Maybe next time you write something, shore up the film rights.

BTW, it's not a remix of a Batman & Robin soundtrack song but an actual track - The Beginning is the End is the Beginning. I know this cuzI had a major boner for the Pumpkins in the 90's.

The 300 was homoEROTIC, not homophobic...

To find it, sort your results on youtube by date added. should be zmong the last day.

I didnt know that Alan Moore was against the making of the movie. Now that's totally changed my perspective.


was he against the film version of V for Vendetta, too?

you can find it on youtube with a spanish title.....think NEW = NEUVO



Watchmen is one of (if not the) best selling Trade Paperbacks in comics. DC released an extended Absolute Watchmen HC that sold very, very well. Not because people were buying one to keep and one to read, but because it's a complex and groundbreaking story with layers of material to explore. No one buys TPs for collecting purposes.

In fact, I don't know anyone who buys books that way. Your rant has made it clear that you do not take comics seriously or consider them an art form like many comic readers (myself included) do.

So why do you give a sh*t about someone's opinion about the quality of this screen adaptation? Why interrupt a legitimate discussion just to make fun of a comic fan? You're the one who needs to lighten up and go find a discussion on a subject that you can participate in without feeling the need to deride other people.

Re terminology:l A Graphic Novel is a complete story that is published in TP or HC format initially , just like regular novels, hence the name Graphic
Novel. Stories that were published in single issue serialized form that are later compiled into book(s) that house part or all of the serialized material are called Trade Paperbacks, Hardcover Collections, etc.

Zack Snyder has really grown in filmmaking and he has never let me down in terms of entertainment, but he does tend to make "alterations" where he seems best for a "bigger audience" so that could provide with some 'problems' in the eyes of the (hardcore) fans.
But seriously first of all: it's a Watchmen movie, which is awesome. And watching all those movie journals about the movie, he's really put in a lot of time, effort and extreme attention for details.
Trailer looks awesome (and so did the trailer for 300, and it contained almost every actionpacked moment of the movie, jammed into 2 minutes), and that Pumpkins song is awesome, koodos :D

Found it! I think it looks pretty damn sweet. While I agree with Mr. Moore that many adaptations are pointless and, well, BAD, I think this movie would translate well to film. I'm in.

As someone who has never read the comic, but got excited when I saw the first shots of the characters, I can honestly say I have far less interest in seeing the film now than before I saw the trailer.

Honestly, what the hell is it about? What is up with the shitty FX? It thought this was supposed to be an anti-superhero movie.

NOTE: I am not besmirching the G.N., because I have never read it. But this doesn't look interesting in the least. Can someone convince me otherwise?


@ 11: Yes he was, but don't let that change your opinion, Alan Moore has become bat shit insane in recent years.

Though I find Zak Snyder's movies do make for great entertainment in the theater, they don't really hold up in the long run -- so I too had taken pains to ignore this adaptation, but...

...color me impressed. And I don't even like the graphic novel all that much (V For Vendetta is my favorite of Moore's works, but we all know how well THAT turned out. G FOR GODDAMNIT)

as a huge fan of the book, i couldn't help but watch this when i stumbled upon it before, even though i'm going to see The Dark Knight in a few hours. i'm not gonna lie, i creamed myself like a fanboy douchebag. i can only hope the movie lives up to that... until then, i'll just keep watching the trailer.

btw, HD trailer up on apple.com


In response to a previous comment, that trailer has so little to do with the actual storyline that it should be completely disregarded, if that's what you're interested in. I can immediately identify each of those scenes from the comic, and they all have zero context, and zero relationship with each other. This is just to show people some cool action shots and some cool effects.

For example, the creation of Dr. Manhattan: almost an afterthought in the comic, and yet it's the primary scene shown in this trailer?

I watched it on .!·# =-----= Blackcentury DOT com..=======...where many fans are together。

I'm with ScottAgro. Don't want to see this until tonight. And while I think Alan Moore has definitely been burned by Hollywood, this might be a different story.

I think it is going to be amazing.

No probs with the trailer (and are we living in the Golden Age of Cinematography or what?) - but the real issue is how the screenwriters are going to translate the story to fit in 2008.

As folks who've read the issues know (no spoilers here, don't worry), the story was slightly dated. The world is a bit different than in the '80s when this came out, especially in regards to globalization and relations among many countries - particularly the USA and former USSR.

So how did these folks go about updating the gut-punch original ending to give it just as much impact? Reviews of this movie from critics and fans will probably center on that topic.

And you east coast cats are probably seeing The Dark Knight right now (it's only 9:00PM here in CA). Yeah, I'm jealous.

being the lucky, lucky person that I am, I got to see this on Wednesday at a Dark Knight screening. I seemed to be the only person at the theater more excited about Watchmen than I was about the free pizza.

The trailer looks excellent; I'm sure that even if the script is a total dud (which is highly unlikely) we'll at least get to see a lot of pretty colors and shiny outfits. Hopefully I'll be able to hold out 'til next March, though; it seems a helluva long way off.

Moore is a socialist wackjob who worships a snake puppet or something, but he's not wrong to be skeptical about yet another movie adaptation of his work. Particularly this one.

That looks awesome!! I'm really pleased with that trailer. I was so worried before that the movie would fuck up Watchmen, but so far it seems good!!

"No probs with the trailer (and are we living in the Golden Age of Cinematography or what?) - but the real issue is how the screenwriters are going to translate the story to fit in 2008."

It's set in the alternate 1985 of the comic.

This graphic novel is so great. It is such a perfect example of a time-capsule story. People identified the Red Badge of Courage when it was written during the time that people who fought in the civil war because it was real and they were there. This graphic novel is just that and I am sure it will do just fine. Great story and I am so glad that it is being made now, imagine how crappy it could have looked if someone made it in the 80's?
Everything in this trailer just made it look amazing. This is going to turn how comic movies are made just like the graphic novel turned the comic world upside down. People will go "fuckin' Joel Schumacher!"

Alan Moore doesn't like the term 'Graphic Novel,' he also doesn't like any of the films of his comics, including V for vendetta and From Hell.

He hasn't become batshit insane in recent years. He has always been that way. I had a chat to him once when he did a gig in Bedford, UK in 1989. He was insane then as well.

I don't know how he wrote The Watchmen, or how any human managed such a feat in a single life time. It's the best of anything which has ever been commited to literature.

The trailer looks awesome. Of course it won't do the comic justice. Nothing ever could. It might still be a great film though.

Notwithstanding, if 10% of people read the comic after seeing the film, their lives will be enriched.

they didn't show watchmen at my screening. thank god i watched it online before i left.
bloomington, indiana, you disappointed me tonight.

I've read WATCHMEN about once a year since it was first published, so a little over twenty times is my guess. It is as good as anything that has been written in literature and it stands up to time.

I've had my reservations about the movie, but after seeing the AWESOME trailer, I can say I'm really really looking forward to seeing it.

Although, dispite many of the sets recreated from Dave Gibbons art, this is visually very different from the comic, but had the comic been drawn today it would probably more resemble the look of the movie.

If you want to see what WATCHMEN might have looked like if it was more visually faithfully to the comic, watch Wes Anderson's THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. Probably a more interesting way of doing it, but we don't live in a perfect world. Or do we?

Who the hell are you people

what is the name of the song in trailer?

david above, it's called "The Beginning is the End is the Beginning" by the Smashing Pumpkins.

@16 - yeah, I was trolling a bit, but 5 sounds like all the LOTR fans who can "speak" Elvish and wear "Frodo Lives" t-shirts sounded before any of those movies came out--"it will never work as a film, it's just too good, too pure, too perfect in its original form, and I just can't imagine any attempt at any kind of translation that would be even the slightest bit enjoyable for anyone, fan of or newcomer to the material, and oh shit, someone help me, the book closed and my dick is stuck between the pages of the Lothlorien section of Fellowship again!"
You know, up until Peter Jackson shut them the fuck up by releasing a damn fine set of movies.

Will this be a perfect equivalent to the TP, graphic novel, whatever you want to call it? No, it's a movie, not a comic. Could it still be good, even great? Hell yes. I mean, could anybody be so obsessive and loyal that they would choose lessWatchmen in existence, in whatever form, over more?
Are the first three Star Wars movies less great because the 3 prequels sucked? Actually a better question would be are they less great because a bunch of people wrote Star Wars novels and not all of those are amazing?

Even if the Watchmen movie sucks, and I don't think it will, and like you, I hope that it's incredible, we'll still have the graphic novel and its quality will be diminished not a whit. In fact, it will also have a bunch of new fans who checked it out just to see what all the fuss was about.
More Watchmen? Yes, please. I don't see Moore with any forthcoming.

Full disclosure: I enjoyed the LGX movie, loved the V for Vendetta movie, thought the V for Vendetta comic was of good quality but was annoyed by its transparent ideological roots (I prefer the movie), thought 300 the movie was fantastic, think Frank Miller is overrated, think Moore's best work is long behind him (these days he's just another whiny, high, and mighty artiste who thinks the wonkos in Hollywood aren't liberal enough), think the Watchmen comic was great, and think this movie is going to rock.

I'm not going to lie, I had ZERO interest in seeing this ...

... until I saw this trailer, now I'm looking forward to it.

After watching this I have the exact same concerns that I've had since they announced this. It looks like it's going to be another generic FX laden action movie from Snyder. There's just no way he can fit in enough of the story to make it have the same impact as the graphic novel. I'll give it to him that the visuals look dead on but that's about it.

# 8, #38 & #39 - The original version is called The End Is The Beginning Is The End which is a lot more rocking, and is from the Batman & Robin soundtrack and can also be found on iTunes - Rarities and B-Sides - along with the version in the trailer which is titled The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning.

I laughed when I read the one guy who thinks this can't be made into a movie and that "making it look like the comic" was the easiest part?


Did any fan of the comic really think that we would ever see a Watchmen movie that appear to be this faithful to the source? The thing takes place in 1985 for Chrissakes! I never ever thought I'd live to see that.

I also think this is going to do VERY well. After the superhero glut at the movies, people are primed for superhero deconstruction. Sure It's been played to death in the comic world, but in cinema it's a new concept again.

Look at how well recieved the Heroes TV show was? And that was just a pale, vanilla shadow of the Watchmen.

I think people will be really impressed with this one.

I was most afraid that audiences wouldn't be ready for a heady, serious comic movie, but I think having the Dark Night come out this year is the perfect primer for it. People seem to say it is the type of comic movie that comic readers have been wanting forever. Something that takes itself just a little seriously. The lucky fans who lived through the 80s and the reinvention of the superhero have been wanting these kinds of movies forever.

Funny that it's some of the same ones who just can't seem to wait to shit all over it. If you look at that trailer, being a fan of the source, and really get no joy out of it, then God help you.

It won't be perfect. What can be? Who has read a novel, and ever really felt like the movie adaptation was EVER as good? I can only think of The Shawshank Redemption. 99.999% of the time it never lives up to what we saw in our heads, And what can live up to the first time you read the Watchmen?

No movie adaptation will.

But damn, Zack has really made an effort to cater to 'the fans' and he deserves a little credit for doing so. It would have been so easy to cave to the studio and make this thing take place in modern times, cave about the look, add funky hyperreal action scenes, etc...

Think long and hard about the movie that COULD have happened. Think about how bad it COULD have been. This has TRUE potential to knock some socks off.

And whoever the fuck wrote "shitty FX" needs to ram his head up his own ass. Are we tired yet of people who lament the world of "shitty CGI?" I know I am. They seem to forgetthat matte paintings and rod puppets were also kinda shitty, WE were just more innocent.

We coulda got the Fantiastic Four movie, but instead we got this take on it. And watching Dr. Manhattan in that war flashback just made me smile. They understand the material.

Get over yourselves...

this was already answered, but for those that are looking for the song

the song is: The beginning is the end is the beginning

not to be confused with The end is the beginning is the end

@42 - Do you really, really think 300 was generic? Really? Come out and say it, lay the ridiculous on the floor for us all.

As I pointed out before, that's what people said about LOTR before those movies came out, and yet, somehow, they managed to compress thousands of pages of prose (not the tightest ever written, admittedly, but still impressive), and at least a sense of a gloss of the tens of thousands of pages of back material into a coherent, excellent (and yes, long) trilogy of movies. I really think it can be managed with a comic book, even and especially with a trade paperback compilation of this length. It's not like there are thousands of separate issues he has to cull through here. If there is an art form close to movies--or "film," if you must--in both style and substance, it's comics. And hrm, if Snyder gets the visuals dead on, am I crazy to think that is a good bit of what was there and what was good in the source material? I mean, if he's got that, he's at least halfway there. Are you just afraid he's going to throw some rubber nipples in there or something? Come on. This is going to be sweet. Smashing Pumpkins notwithstanding.

Well being that The Watchmen lampooned DC, any chance the Smashing Pumpkins song was meant to mock one of DC's greatest failures, Batman and Robin?

Joshua you fucking cyber warrior idiot. I own one copy of Watchmen, as explained to you previously it is presented as a novel not a comic book hence its a graphic novel. Sorry if it hurts your brain to think that a complex story with about a thousand background things going on will not work in a film. Also sorry if it hurts your feelings that someone who did an, at best passable horror film and then the quite frankly terrible 300 will nail one of the most complicated graphic novels/ comic books of all time.

If you think a director getting the visuals dead on is half of the battle when it comes to Watchmen or any property for that matter you are a fucking moron. Actually I just checked, You like LXG, you like and preferred V for Vendetta the film (what the fuck ? haha) and you liked 300, you are a fucking idiot.

I'm excited.

@ Joshua- Your #40 post almost made me spit out my coffee laughing! WHY, my friend is def a LOTR fan who still bitches about how much stuff they left out of the movies, and he already is "depressed" because he says the Watchmen movie won't do justice to the graphic novel and blah, blah. I personally think the trailer was good, and the movie will be great. I'm not going to compare the movie to graphic novel or pretend I'm a movie critic, I'm going to see the movie to be entertained by the movie! I want to see a cinematic version of the story and I'm willing to give the movie the benefit of the doubt, suspend disbelief, and simply just enjoy myself. Everyones entitled to their opinion, however if a few people just lighten up a bit and stop taking fandom so seriously you might actually enjoy your movie going experience if your not careful. In the immortal words of Heath Ledger, "Why so serious?"

K, Joshua I'll come out and say it. 300 was generic. It was decent nonetheless but it didn't have any depth and the action was like watching the Matrix with a bunch of half-naked dudes. In 20 years no one is going to look back at 300 and consider it a true classic. On the other hand Watchmen has been out 20 years and it is considered a classic and amongst the best the comic medium has to offer.

Question: what was 300 SUPPOSED to be? Did anyone READ the comic? Pretty similar. Lavish, colorful panels, of action and hayhem. And did everyone MISS the context of it all. The slow motion, the artsy color, the super violence of it all? it was one of the characters TELLING the story!!! He was embellishing it to make them superheroes. That was the whole point. Why anyone expected anything other than what was on screen is beyond me.

I Iwasn't expecting a faithful historical epic of the tale and neither should any of you. I think 20 years form now it will be looked back on they way we look back on Rambo 2. Not art, but fun. To say 300 was terrible? C'mon guys. If you consider THAT movie terrible then what do you consider Fantastic Four? THAT was terrible. Let's get some perspective.

V for Vendetta was just average. I liked parts of it, but overall, it was a weaker adaptation, but not terrible,

Will Zack "nail" this one? He'll come closer than anyone else I think. Imagine someone makign this who hadn't read the original material. When that happens, you get Batman and Robin, Batman Forever, Fantastic Four, FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Spawn, Tank Girl, Superman 3, Superman 4, Steel, Virus, The Phantom, Elektra, Daredevil, The Shadow, Dick Tracy, or maybe Supergirl.

i vomit in my nouth a little whaen people piss and moan about "shiny CGI" or "CGI shit." It's like they all bought some book called "modern film critic guide."

Chaper 1: Shitty CGI
Lament the days of FX that looked real. You know, rod puppets, glass matt paintings, optical FX with big coutout images superimposed over the film frame by frame. Cry for the days of clay figures attacking Argonaughts, because honestly, when you look at that, it looks totally real right?

On the Smashing Pumpkins part, they have a song called Doomsday Clock. Go them! So I think the pick of the song The Beginning is The End is the Beginning is fitting.

But really, this does look incredible.
I feel pushed and pulled between all these comments, I actually fucking went through and read about all of them.
Before Dark Knight, this blew my mind.
I just hope the morons who end up seeing this won't be turned off by the idea of Watchmen, and that the storyline will follow the fuck up to the novel. Or else there will be a bunch of asses going around with a completely different mindset about it.

Read the damn comics!

OMG, ok this looks so good. I think that Zack Snyder will do ok. ITS WATCHMEN IN LIVE ACTION THOUGH. FREAKING WATCHMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhh I'm going to die of pure joy when I see this, slow motion be damned

#14: I'm sorry you've never ever been allowed to see a vagina.

Anyhoo, the whole 'this can't be made into a movie' argument is always put forth by dorks who grant godhood to pop culture. I did it and thank fictional Christ I grew out of it. Comic book geeks burrow into the mentality that all that is perfect with the universe begins with Shtar Warzh and there is a perfectly logical flowchart that spills forth from there on with irrefutable factors of coolness. Then everything they worship just gets older and older and drier and deader and they just focus on hunting down the same crap to keep their buzz going and when you suggest "Paprika" or "The Host" or "Sunshine," they just brush it aside with "That shall not do, for it is not Shtar Warzhian, nor does it hold Shtar Warzhitude worthy of mine all-Shtar Warzhy vision."

Where was I? Oh yeah. #14, they kind of look like this. -----> Y Perhaps we should commencing calling them 'yaginas' and place their value somewhere between Sliders and The Last Starfighter.

You know what's funny?

They called Zach Snyder a 'visionary director'


tee hee, I saw a blue penis.

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No one could possibly make films about:

John Quincy Adams
Walter Cronkite
The Watchmen
Turdboy, the turd-eating turd lover of Katmandu

The films could never do justice to the awesomeness that is either of their lives.

Penis in hand and clown shoes on feet, I bid you adieu.

Shtar Warzh forever. Vaginas are unworthy.

This trailer tells you nothing about the movie except that there'll be lots of explosions, and they managed the epic task of making the characters look the same as they did in the book. And that a moody 15 year old from 1998 got put in charge of the soundtrack. Even though I hated, hated, HATED The 300, I feel like I still have to reserve judgement on this movie. Verdict on the trailer: flashy, but meaningless.

"In the immortal words of Heath Ledger, "Why so serious?" - Fuckin A to that man!

Zach Snyder admits the theatrical release wont do justice to the graphic. Thats why WB is letting him release a 4 and 1/2 hour director's cut on dvd.

not dvd - blu ray

check out the trailer remixes on youtube. the best one feature's queen's another one bites the dust. works perfectly.

I completely agree with you, there is nothing in the trailer that even hints at what the film is about (unless you already know.)

David Hayter is the script writer and from all I have read about what he said about this film is that it is almost verbatim from the comic.

awesome trailer, just too childish for my liking, didn't even have a boner on anything. what's hapened to crazy bitches with soaking cunts??

Who will watch the watchmen? I WILL! Next year.

I'll see it as a faithfull fan of the series but thast about it.
also yay for the samshing pumpkins song in the trailer

#36 I am the same in that I have read it once a year over the last 20 years, many times rereading sections. It is my favorite piece of literature surpassing anything Charles Dickens, Tolstoy, or Mark Twain has ever done.

Sadly, Alan Moore would hate the movie if Jesus came back for the specific purpose of making this movie. After League, From Hell, and Constantine who can blame him. But V For Vendetta was an AMAZING movie, and I am very excited about Watchmen.

Zach Snyder has fought to make this movie with integrity, as close to the original source material as possible, and as genuine as can be. The studio has fought him on content, on running time, on budget and he continues to try to make a movie that would make any nerd of the book happy. It is very admirable, and I can't wait to see it.

@john #52

Go watch Carpenter's The Thing, Blade Runner and Aliens and come saying
proudly that they don't hold way better the test of time than most 21st century CGI crap they pull with AvP, Fantastic 4 aud such. I'm not all against CGI, as it made wonders, coupled with animatronics with Jurassic Park, 13 years ago, but you gotta use MODERATION. If it's used for the sake of crapping more effect shots for less money, it's probably not for the love of the medium.
really, whatever, we can't spend our life defending that one point. . .

The Smashing Pumpkins song in the trailer was also used for the credits of Batman & Robin, I don't know if that means anything.

The trailer is from the same guys who brought you "300."
Maybe I shouldn't be shocked that the trailer looks over-glamarous and too over-the-top for its own good.
But I'm not going to forgive them for cutting out Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis. Anyone who has read the comic book (or skimmed the plot on wiki) knows that they are among the most interesting and important characters. Cutting them out is like having X-men without Dr. Xavier.

I agree, with whoever commented it, it is a good job of making it look like a graphic novel, but I think the perfect adaptation was made on Sin City, that was just perfect, well it would be odd to just apply that style here but the adaptation and the vision of Rob Rodriguez was just perfect.

I'm also looking forward to watch this.


300 was pointless garbage. It's pretty much taking Oliver Stone's Alexander, which was crap to begin with, and then ejaculating a bunch of slow-mo and Orientalistic costume design.

Watchmen will do well in the theater. It's being released in March with NO competition and enough people don't know about the comic but jizzed over 300 that will watch this.

Did anyone else think that was Robert Downey Jr. in the firey scene? I forget the name of the actual actor, but I looked it up on IMDB and I'm so shocked lol

btw the song was perfect, and I sort of found it cool that I saw the trailer before Batman...yea I made the connection. Good song.

did anyone else notice the world trade center? it was at the part where that thing emerges from the river

hey its true! wasn't it supposed to be removed from films?
mmm well, the story is situated in 1985


I've personally never saw the point of the whole campaign to remove the WTC from films and TV that take place or were made prior to the tragedy...it's like we're trying to pretend that they never existed...which would be a great insult to everyone who lost their lives...

But I digress. I still think that the trailer looks awesome, and while I know that a 12-13 issue (can't quite remember, it's been a while since I read it) comic serial/Graphic novel can not possibly be condensed into a 2 hour film....what they have going looks at least intriguing enough to keep an eye on.

For a so-called greatest graphic novel ever, ive never heard of it. And quite frankly it looks like garbage.

I'm about halfway through reading Watchmen for the first time (my fiance has introduced me to a lot of great comics...Midnight Nation, Preacher, etc). I think this looks remarkably awesome. I'm in. Any word on Midnight Nation being done as a film?

Alan moore has disowned DC and Hollywood. He thought zac snyder's 300 was racist, homophobic and generally terrible. Check the interview


I"ts very god!
I"d like so much.

Cool stuff!!!

Well James, most of us who have heard of Watchmen don't live with our head up our asses like you do.

So because i dont live for comics and graphic novels means i live with my head up my ass? None of my friends had ever heard of it either.

@Jesse: Yeah but as of late, Moore's gone crazy as a bat...

Anyone else think the shot with the three Watchmen look like Clive Owen?

Maybe it's just me..

personally i liked the trailer and zach shynder has been acting like he's working his ass off to keep the movie like the comic. he did a fantastic job translating 300 (you might think its homophobic (i think its homoerotic (dudes in leather speedos jabbing each other with rods (very phalic))) and despite what alan moore says (that zach shnyder should have fixed the script to make it less stupid racist or homophobic) he was keeping with the nature of the graphic novel. amazingly. well. when asked what he was cutting shnyder says he's cutting the more actiony non character related scened. you should look up the 2008 comic con interview.

Saw the trailer opening weekend of "The Dark Knight"...about came out of my seat...this movie will be amazing, and I love every concept, every CGI trick they have used...I think it makes the story better - pops the comics right off the page.

Then I read the Entertainment Weekly articles.

I may lose my mind counting down the days until this movie, it looks so amazingly cool. Now, I felt this way about "Sin City" and "Planet Terror", and was sorely disappointed, so let's hope Mama isn't let down by her Watchmen.

I keep changing my mind about who is my favorite - Mr. Manhattan, the Comedian or that sexy middle-aged Owl...

See, even girls like comic books...

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