Jul 16 2008'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Has a Classic Poster, Hard-to-look-at Characters


Man, I was totally wrong to prematurely label The Clone Wars as just another disappointing extension of the Star Wars universe meant to sell new, stylized toys, video games, and ad time when the television version arrives. Look at this classic, Struzan-inspired poster! It reminds me of the posters of the original trilogy--those Star Wars things that I didn't hate to watch! So The Clone Wars will probably be equally as good as those, since it has a similar poster. Do the math; it checks out.

Another new poster here.

Reader Comments

The character models are horrid.

While you're right to accuse them of pushing merchandise, Watcher, I don't know that I'd say the poster design was more of an attempt to make us relate the new movie to the old ones, or just the fact that it's pretty much the design scheme of all of the SW theatrical posters (yeah, I know there are lots of posters but I'm talking main theatrical), but nice try making something out of nothing.

As far as the merchandising, has Star Wars ever been NOT been about merchandising? You new Lucas-haters have selective memory. I for one remember the 1977 Kenner toy line having tons of figures, even minor characters that were on screen for less than 3 seconds, but you had to have them all because it was Star Wars, man. What about the 1997 toy lines, just to commemorate the VHS and special theatrical re-releases? Get off it.

this may be an obvious question, but the 2-part clone wars cartoons that i watched a few years back...is this just a retelling of that? or will it at least be referenced?

So let me see if I got this right. These "Clone" characters resemble the toys that resemble the actors in the original movie. I think I just upchucked a Jaba.

Oh damn, I forgot it was Star Wars and left out "Pew Pew"!!! Yeah, take that Hans.

UGH... just ugh.

Obi Wan looks like hes made out of plastic. his hair is bizarre what the hell does he shave that with a pick and chisel?

@ 3.
No, it's just done kind of in the style of those cartoons. It's actually a whole new original story, timed to lead into an original TV series that starts this fall.

that poster makes me rather die than see the movie. nothing can compare to the old star wars

As an Old Fan, I have just one thing to say about this poster:

Y-wings with their original body paneling? AWESOME.

I can't stand the zombie-like following these overrated films have garnered and often use 'Shtar Warzh!' as an expletive, which pretty much always makes my friends giggle. I've ragged on Shtar Warzh in front of an entire IT Department and faced the dorkish wrath in their eyes. George Lucas is a one trick pony with a butt-ugly pompadour and there's not a Shtar Warzh fan around who could comprehend where his career might have gone after making such a terrific film like American Grafitti.

Now write back about how I'm utterly wrong and misguided and I just can't comprehend the wonder and delight of spending my entire adult life with my head up my ass keeping constant focus and vigil on some shit I first saw when I was eleven. Shtar Warzh forever! Put some Shtar Warzh into it! That was positively Shtar Warzhian! Don't Shtar Warzh me, Man, or I'll go friggin' Shtar Warzh on you!

PS: I first saw Shtar Warzh at the Glenwood Theater in Overland Park, Kansas on May 27, 1977. I've been in the apartment of the Personal Appearances Manager of most of the Shtar Warzh actors and seen autographed pictures of him and Carrie Fisher on the wall as well as floor-to-ceiling Shtar Warzh memorabilia spanning thirty years still in the original packages. I wanted to let you know this, because I'm such a prick and I haven't had my coffee yet and I knew the fans would want to line up and blow me if they heard.

PS: Battle Royale rewlz and Shtar Warzh fans will never get why. Be sure to let me know it doesn't with an ultimate blast of ShtarWarzh-osity. Shtar Warzh on!

#2: Actually, Lucas himself once said in an interview that he never realized a movie could make money on merchandising, and that all of the original merch for SW was made TO PROMOTE THE MOVIE, not vice-versa. Apparently after realizing that the vice-versa worked even better, he starting making movies JUST to make merchandise. That's why the characters look basically the same throughout the Old Trilogy, and the same starships are re-used over and over... while in the Prequels, the characters' appearances change dramatically in each scene and film, and NO SINGLE SHIP is ever seen in two different movies.

It's sad that Lucas has so thoroughly killed the shit out of Star Wars. *sigh*

well the other things aside, is the movie any good? I really wanna watch it as they say it fills in or add some more story to the overall Star wars universe.

why does Mr. Wan have a comb-over like Donald Trump?

Has any Shtar Warzh fan ever seen a real live vagina? SHTAR WARZH!!! SHTAR WARZH!!! Don't Shtar Warzh me, man, or I'll break a Shtar Warzh on your ass and send you straight to Shtar Warzh Ville. You come up on me all Shtar Warzh like and I'll cut you 'til your Shtar Warzh runs dry.

PS Why is it that no Shtar Warzh fan on Earth had the balls to go see Sunshine last year? Is it because the film required them to think beyond an eleven-year-old's level? Did they get wind of its arrival and arrogantly strut droop-mouthed and man-boobed down their suburban sidewalks convincing themselves that Danny Boyle couldn't possibly make an entertaining science fiction film because he wasn't George Lickass and therefore not a god whose balls deserve daily licking?

Someone once blogged that George Lickass was the one of the greatest directors in the history of cinema because he revolutionized special effects. First of all, he didn't revolutionize them, he paid for it. Thomas Edison also got credit for a lot of work his assistants did. Second of all, that's like saying Orson Welles was one of cinema's greatest directors because he fixed his toaster and re-caulked his bathroom tile. Thirdly, you Shtar Warzh up in here anymore and I'll Shtar Warzh you so hard, you'll prey that Shtar Warzh comes quickly. Shtar Warzh!

This is the best they can do? I've seen better graphics in video games than this archaic-style movie poster. Hell, even anime looks more realistic than this!

Anime rewlz and Shtar Warzh fans will never comprehend how, because you can't do big-brain things like 'comprehend' when you're completely and utterly focused on convincing yourself that you're still eleven.

PS I just started "Ergo Proxy" last night and Shtar Warzh isn't worthy enough to lick its asshole clean. If you have a problem with that, go Shtar Warzh up a rope. Shtar Warzh!!!

star wars the best movie sence marry poppins.you should respect it. my favorite charicter is ahsoka tano. i als think anikan skywalker is a cute dare devil. im so glad ahsoka has anikan as a master.and dont you think that yod is a fast moving freak. in star wars revenge of the sith i think yoda is a crawling freak! oh and i incourage everybody to reaserch about star wars the clone wars and the regular star wars. and there are plenty of videos on you tube. I HOE YOU LOVE STAR WARS AS MUCH AS I DO:)

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