Jul 11 2008Sing Along with That Song You Don't Really Know from 'Hamlet 2'


Earlier in the week, I got an email from an Emily suggesting I give some coverage to Hamlet 2, noting that the script is by Arrested Development and South Park writers, and that it stars the usually-funny Steve Coogan putting on an absurd high school production of a made-up Shakespeare sequel. She might be on to something, so here's the just-released sing-along video for one of the film's songs, "Sexy Jesus." Because sometimes, before a movie has even been released, you just want to belt out one of its unfamiliar songs at your computer screen.

Below-the-cut bonus: the two-month-old, F-word inclusive trailer!

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Saw the trailer months ago. Wasn't funny then, not funny now.


Eh, looks ok.

And according to IMDB, it's not really South Park and Arrested Development writers. One of the writers was a consultant writer for 3 episodes of South Park, but helped write Team America and the South Park movie. The other writer directed one episode of Arrested Development, but wrote Nancy Drew.

I won't see it.


Rock Me Sexy Jesus is pretty catchy.

Oh, and @ 3: You're right, my mistake. I thought I was looking at his writing credits but was looking as his directing. He did write Dick, which was pretty okay despite featuring Kirsten Dunst.
But boo to all you negative people. No love for Steve Coogan? Come on!

#5, nothing against Steve Coogan, although after looking at his IMDB profile I'm not sure what your interest is in him, the movie itself just doesn't look funny.

Saw the trailer forever ago, but I love the sing-a-long XD I think it'll be an entertaining movie :D

Also, Steve Coogan! (<3 Saxondale)

Any movie in which a someone gets around the problem of everyone dying at the end of Hamlet by starting "Hamlet 2" with a time machine scene is ok in my book. And "Rock me Sexy Jesus" is not only catchy, but has nicely subversive lyrics!

Note to naysayers: Won't matter if you go see it or not - some religious organization will get their panties in a twist and protest this movie and that, my friends, is what we in the biz call "free publicity"!

I will give it a chance because of steve coogan. Can't stand amy poehler though (but I love love love Will Arnett her husband)

Looks like a good odd comedy, but those are always a big gamble on being funny.

For some reason making fun of Jesus in movies is always supposed to be funny when in reality it's just pathetic. Jesus paid a horrible price for the sins of you and I! I sincerely doubt the folks that come up with this garbage would ever have the nerve to make a movie that contained some type of Mohammed jokes! The reason they do it and get away with as far as Christianity goes is because everyone knows that Christians are generally passive and non-violent, whereas Muslims would behead you for any type of disrespect towards their beliefs!

@ 10
Either you are completely demented or your sarcasm is too subtle to understand. My bet is on the former.


I undoubtedly believe you must be some type of clairvoyant! You're so astute it is astonishing!

I think I'm just confused by this, but I'm not really sure.

# 12
Now DAT'S what I call sarcasm!!

I watched a screening of this and holy shit it was hilarious, dude this movie will def. get the word of mouth viewers, It was very funny and movie with lines like this " I feel like I just got raped .....in th face" has to be awesome, trust me this movie will be worth watching. maybe to rent for sure but theaters is a big maybe.

ARE YOU PEOPLE MADE OF STONE? This looks HIGH-larious! This movie is going to totally turn both Christians AND Muslims gay with Jesus's sweet swimmer's bod, and I personally cannot wait.

Making fun of Martin Luther King probablly wouldn't go over as well. I'm-just-saying.

@ 12
You can't fail at sarcasm and then bitch at people who "don't get it." You ARE demented.

I think I'd rent it at least. It has that "dodge Ball" kinda feel.


My first post was a serious one, I've seen the trailer and to me as a Christian, it was offensive. It was not any type of an attempt at sarcasm. My second post was a sarcstic reponse to yours.


A good example of clever criticism of fundamentalism is Monty Python's "Life of Brian". A lame example is what we have here.

As someone who believes, I find it imperative to challenge fundamentalism in every Religion. Jesus himself challenged (Jewish) fundamentalism. I think that questioning a belief is a healthy way for finding answers, so I'm open to well-articulated criticism.

Someone one said: "You haven't really been living until you have found something worth dying for".

In Western countries, people take the Freedom of Religion for granted: that right has been paid with the blood of men. When someone overuses this right it cheapens it and is a disrespect to all the people who fought and are fighting for it. In Northern Africa and the Middle East they still put people in jail -when they don't simply kill them- for adhering to the teachings of Jesus. Just Google it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

In the spirit of what christian guy is talking about I think regardless of your beliefs Jesus jokes are pretty lazy writing. It's basically a mentality of "If we insult a large group of people then other people will find it funny on that merit alone." I've noticed a pattern; people who write Jesus jokes usually aren't able to write actually funny things.

looks AWEFUL

by 'Aweful' do you mean terrible and yet awe-inspiring?

I'm kinda with Christian Guy, and totally with J@cko and wendy. So yeah.

COMPLETE RIP OFF OF "SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH" - AN AUSTRALIAN PRODUCED TV SHOW...DAMN YOU FOCUS FEATURES!.. hey, caps lock, thanks for coming, asshole! (could not be bothered re-writing the first part.. wasn't shouting though)

No one will probably see this post, but oh well...

The Immaculate Conception pertains to the conception of Mary, not Christ. Christ's conception is the Miraculous Conception.

The more you know...*shooting star*

@27: I've been trying to tell people the same thing for years, and nobody believes me. IT'S ON SNOPES, PEOPLE!

everyone gets made fun of - in both funny, and horribly unfunny fashions. why should christians be any different?

I must intervene here... I see the stupidity of this advertising. It gives the impression that Matt Stone and Trey Parker somewhat had a hand in this. And it's misleading. Pam Brady is the writer. And she wasn't very good in South Park anyways. So I suspect that it's all going to shits.

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