Jul 25 2008'Red Sonja' Looks a Lot Like 'Brenda Starr: Barbarian'


From Comic Con, we get our first look at Red Sonja, and what it would look like if Dungeons & Dragons ever merged with Glamor Shots. One more under the cut.


Red Sonja Posters [IMPA]

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I'm scared...someone hold me...not her...anyone else.

Glamour shots makes you have bigger boobs?

This looks Redtarded. Haha!

No more!!! Write some new shit, Hollywood!!! WTF

niether of pictures looks anything like Rose McGowen. What did they do, take pictures of Rose McGowen and then ask the tech guy "now what can we do to make her look less Rose McGoweney?"

And what's with the Winehousean eye makeup? Why does everybody want to look like they are from ancient Egypt?

@4 - and tech guy responds: "Urm, well, I guess we could photoshop this big fucking bloody sword in front of her face. And, uh, maybe some crazy red hair all over the place? Why'd you guys have her do her tongue out like that, though--early attempt to cover her chin?"

@3 - Amen. Comic book movies are the new safe sequels/remakes. Remember back when studies were actually afraid nobody would go see a comic book movie? That's going to be the "back in the good old days...uphill both ways" of our generation.

Not even photoshop... this is sadder and more expensive. It looks like a Poser render that someone made a quarter-assed attempt at making Victoria 3 look like Rose McGowan but decided part way through to spend more time looking around for a better bloody sword accessory.... but then gave up and used this one anyway. They'd already spent the $35.

Am I the only one who wants to see an action heroine that looks like she could ACTUALLY kick some ass, instead of like a bulimic Hollywood starlet? I guess the studios think that would be too intimidating for us slack-jawed masses.

What's wrong with her stomach? Is that supposed to be muscle definition?

Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a girl kicking some ass as long as its done in a good way, (Angelina Jolie in Mr. and Mrs. Smith). My problem is directors having thier girlfriends be the lead in movies for which they are not qualified to be in. Rose Mcgowen can't act good enough to get on a billboard. I love Tim Burton, I like Helena Bohnam Carter too, but can I see a movie of his that she isn't in?


The bashing here has nothing to do with Ms. McGowan's physique and everything to do with how redamndiculous the artwork for this movie is. You see, a woman wearing a chainmail push-up bra licking a sword is less empowering and more "fanboy fantasy fulfillment", wherein the sword is symbolic of a phallus.

And no, I'm not intimidated, as I'm certain I could kick her ass in a fair fight. It's how I keep my body metal bikini-ready.

I agree with Scott. Why can't there be a girl who isn't completely disgustingly thin kicking ass? If that girl came towards me (and I am not fat at all, just not anorexic looking) I would easily be able to take her down. "Red Sonja' is the least intimidating woman ever

wouldn't a chainmail bra pinch certain parts of the female anatomy?

@joshua - to be fair more people equate Conan and Red Sonja to movies than to comics. but i agree

Also this looks retarded. I didn't realize sonja was an out of shape aging goth woman.

Horrible photoshop...

Shtar Warzh fans won't see this because there's a girl in it.

She looks like she's sucking a dick. Which, I suppose, is appropriate, given that's the way she got the role. Thanks folks, I'll be here in my mom's basement all week.

I am pretty sure I could not make an uglier face than that.

the colors are great, I like the red hair. But I'm not sure if its gonna be good.

Rodriguez is pulling a Lucas...

Between this, Tr2n (wow I still can't get over that) and Robocop, I hereby dub the 2010 movie season "The Year of Morbid Curiosity". Ours is a time in film history where films are being made and watched almost the same way -- remake? pre / sequel? Fuck it, nothing better to do than go to the movies.

Who would have thought ennui would help ticket sales?

@ 8, 11, 12 I agree, this is getting ridiculous. FIrst Anorexolia Jolie in Wanted and now this. If they expect us to believe that a girl who's that skinny can be tough they'd better give us a plausable reason for her to have super strength (i.e. super powers, alien abilities, occult magics - SOMETHING). What is this little under-nourished thing going to do, wave her head around and tangle her enemies up in her over-abundant Vidal Sassoon hair? Please!

My other problem with this is that they're perpetuating the misconception that women have to be skinny little sticks with big boobs (which almost never happens without surgery) to be attractive. Way to promote eating disorders in young women, Hollywood!

Last note: She licks blood? She so nasty! :)

You know ... of course going against the hate grain here - i think it looks good, and certainly drew my intrest. It's AWESOME that Rodriguez is making a fantasy and if Rose is his muse SO BE IT.

Geez it's so easy to fling the hate monger attitude around, remember when movies were MADE for entertainment?

SO what? Rose has ALWAYS been skinny ... theres no damn denying that so there is no 'surprise' a skinny woman is playing Red Sonja - and DUH - Rodriquez is dating Rose so it's no damn surprise that he cast her .. so for you people complaining about 'skinny women' or 'attractive women' in cinema and how offensive it is - GROW UP.

We all know that SEX SELLS. Will that ever change? PROBALLY NOT! If an ugly woman was playing red sonja instead - i'm sure the boards here would light up casting more hate mongery.

Also yeah, Red sonja was made before. SURE - awesome as it was, great to see a POWERFUL FEMALE LEAD revived for the 2000's. try focusing on some good here huh?

@23 and everyone else.

I just hate Rose Mcgowen nothing to do with her being skinny, she can act about as good as limp sausage.

But I don't have anything against a skinny women playing a lead role as a girl that kicks ass. Mila Jovavich pulled it off very very nicely in the fifth element. Skinny and strong, but not invincible. I'm not liking that Sex appeal is THE selling point, but your right, that is what people like to watch. that is why Porn is a billion dollar industry.

Toy Chainsaw will next be defending the casting of Ryan Seacrest as Luke Cage.

Because you know, the Superhuman black heroes for hire don't need to be tall. or strong. or black.

It's just a mobie u gais! Sex Sells! I mean srsly!

I'm not usually one to respond to responses to my message board postings, but I feel I should clarify my point. I have no objection to skinny women playing action heroines if there's an explanation for her tossing around people two or three times their size (See: Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil movies). But for a regular, non-specially powered 100-pound woman to be portrayed routinely kicking the crap out of large, muscular men...gimme a damn break. It has nothing to do with exploiting sex. I get that, it sells. But a little realism isn't a bad thing now and then (even when it's fantastical subject matter)...look at the original Red Sonja. Brigitte Nielsen is a SOLID six-footer, and she was still hot. Let's have more of that.

I want to see Zoe Bell star in an action movie....the girl from Deathproof that was on the hood in the chase scene. She is a professional stunt woman, pretty cute, and totally badass. Or even like Crush from the new American Gladiatiors, she is gorgeous and tough (female MMA fighter IRL). Yes, I realize their acting skills are probably not great, but look at most male action stars.... basically all I am saying is there are plenty of girls that can act at least as good as Rose (not saying that takes a lot), are sexier, and who actually whoop ass.

I gotta agree on the less twiggy action females and keeping physical realism. However... comics are the worst offender when it comes to unrealistic female bodies. So as a giant comic geek i quietly overlook it when comic book movies are guilty of it and tell myself they're just staying true to the source material.
Now if they cast a giant boobed monstrosity for the upcoming Shi movie, then i'll be pissed.

make that the "potentially upcoming Shi movie that's been trapped in developmental hell for years now but should be upcoming with the surge in comic movies and is one of the few that would might actually be good"

Too thin.

/Where is this gonna take place in Medieval Brooklyn?

NICE! My friend recommended me a very interesting place ☆☆☆"NYwealthyMatch . c o m""""""""☆☆☆ If you’ve ever been there you will know what I mean…

i like rose, i love girls with swords, and i liked red sonja back in the day. looking forward to this.

This looks... horrible. Like everyone is saying, there are just so many things wrong here:

1: Terrible photoshopping.
2: Ugly girl. Or at least made to look ugly - I don't even know who she is.
3: Amy Winehouse makeup (or makeup at all, on a 'warrior woman')
4: Girl is skinny and distinctly unintimidating.
5: Another needless remake.

Really, at least in the old Conan movies they tried to get women who looked like they might actually be able to kick a bit of ass instead of looking like disgusting skinny makeup-smeared posers at a fan convention.

Unless those are baby skulls at the top of the hill those are way too small

I would quote Holden from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back right about now, but it seems to obvious.

I'd say Rodriguez have done enough good flicks to get the benefit of a doubt, even if his casting choises are directed by little Rodriguez.
Also, Mcgowan is pretty hot.

The thing that bothers me about this is that she doesn't really look like she could kick anyones ass. Really take a good look at her. Do you see the mucles that one would develope from swinging a sword? No. This is very sad to me. You think she would have had the brains to hit the gym, knowing that she was playing a fucking action hero.

Okay, so there's a lot of hate on everything going on here, so I'm going to step up.

This is "Red Sonja." Seriously, do you think there's going to be any casting going on of "realistic"-looking women? Red Sonja comics don't feature a muscle-bound woman in a track suit. No, Red Sonja IS a skinny woman in a chain mail bikini. Deal with it, or bitch about the depiction of females everywhere. If they cast someone "uglier" or "fatter" or whatever and took away the bikini in favor of something a little less revealing, you'd all be bitching that it's not true to the comic/original film.

And who cares how Rose McGowen got cast? Fillini cast his wife as the lead in "La Strada." And that turned out to be a fantastic choice. It's about good director-actor combinations. I'd question casting her in an adaptation a Jane Austen novel or something, but I don't question casting here. She's good for these "over-the-top" female badass roles. Okay, so you can kick Rose McGowen's ass. Who cares. She doesn't. She doesn't even know who you are.

And you can bitch about the posters all you want--how they're badly photoshopped. The second one looks like a goddamn amazing Jae Lee drawing. That's enough to get me interested in the film right there.

At least Brigitte Nielsen was somewhat BIG though, tokinymph. And didn't wear Winehouse makeup.

YEAH!!! Rose McGowan!!! Wooohhhoooooo

okay to make this movie perfect 1st they MUST remake it right away with not Rose but with Scarlet Johanson and have her show some boobs there a perfect movie that i would spend $10 on!

I agree with Armimcokn or #10. I really don't like her. she's too short, has a big head, I mean can she even pick up a real sword? I wish Rodriquez would get Tarantino (since they're friends) to do his casting, because Tarantino has a great eye for it, and Rodriquez thinks using Mcgowan is so outside the box, but that's only because he's the only one putting her in his movies. O.o I think a lot of people liked Death Proof better than Planet Terror because she was killed in the first twenty minutes ;P

I grew up a huge Red Sonja fan so what I am about to say comes from that. This is in no way the Red Sonja from the film, she was a badass that had trained most of her life and she was equal to any man with a sword. This Rose McGowan crap is almost like the comic, but at least the comic Sonja had muscle definition. I am not asking for an Amazon (Lord knows Hollywood would shit itself if a woman over 120 was cast in a lead role), but at least give me something that does not ruin one of my childhood idols. I wish that if Rodriguez was going to make more objectification of women films, he would leave the few strong woman heros out of it.

"wouldn't a chainmail bra pinch certain parts of the female anatomy?"

not nearly as much as the chainmail knickers...


wow this is my type, expecting

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