Jul 25 2008'Punisher: War Zone' Red-Band Trailer Goes for Sort of a 'Grindhouse but Retarded' Look


Who would have thought Beer for My Horses would prove itself the better vigilante justice movie of the year? I watch probably a dozen shitty trailers every week, but this is the first time I've ever felt actual embarrassment for everyone involved, including myself for watching (and, even worse, listening). How do you make a movie seem like a straight-to-DVD version of itself, probably called The Disciplinarian? Answer below the cut.

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I liked it, I'm not really looking for an in depth character piece because they'd definitely screw it up. Now some good old run of the mill violence with a heavy soundtrack, could be decent. I'm going to give this a chance.

I agree with Spector. It looks insanely violent like the comic book, and I wouldn't go to a movie about the Punisher expecting much more than that.

are you fucking kidding me!? this looks AWESOME.

this movie NEEDS to go straight to dvd, that way i don't have to pay 8.50 every time i wanna see it...instead i can get it from the $5 bin at walmart and watch it FOREVER

This looks kind of sweet. Frank looks impressive!

The song is terrible, but you can never tell what the movie soundtrack is going to be like from trailers.

Jigsaw looks appropriately nasty too.

i did'nt think it was all that bad... The ultra over kill with heads being blown off is just what the Punisher does best.

I think it looks pretty good. What are you expecting from the Punisher?

I was a big fan of the comic book back in the 80's and I refuse even to this day to watch the first two Punisher movies. I might have to check this one out since it has Jigsaw, but I'm still a little skeptical after seeing the trailers and hearing that Seinfeld's "Newman" is going to play Micro.

Oh yeah, and CHAIR LEG TO THE FACE!!! OH, ME EYE!!!


This looks like the worst piece of shit EVER. They might as well have used Steven Seagal.

Mindless violence? Check.
Loud, hardcore metal? Check.
Plenty of blood and gore? Check.

This looks AWESOME!

As much as I advocate intelligent films, I can't deny that I love to just turn off my brain once in a while and enjoy a good ass-kicking festival.


haha, yeah, it looks campy and cheap by times (the leatherface/wormtongue looking like villain) but for a movie with no high expectations it looks okay, im just afraid that redband trailer just showed us the entire movie, the good parts, in small-mode..

I think "Surfer, Dude" was, in fact, the biggest piece of shit trailer ever made and, once released, the shittiest movie ever made.

Did that guy get his face punched in? Upon further review, he did.

I think it looks great. It is exactly what a Punisher movie should be. I'd be happier if it actually is B-Movie Budget style movie instead of how sanitized the last one was. This is just a slopped together mesh of violence but it shows me that it will be an uber-violent movie with someone who looks like the Punisher.


Definite rental, possibly movie theatre if I'm bored in December.

Sometimes I just like to see exploding heads. What, does that make me sick? Does that make me slightly deranged? Does it earmark me as a potential sociopath?

Yes. But the fact remains I still like to see exploding heads.


hear hear!!

I'll drink to that

Looks pretty generic and dumb, it's not so much a Punisher movie as Random Ultraviolent Action Movie #274. Also, they're having way too much fun blowing up watermelons for people's heads. Try a new trick please.

Well i love this site and i love all the stuff i see but i have to disagree the Second Punisher with John Travolta was THE WORST movie i have even seen in my life, he was such a pussy when it came down to getting revenge, i was like "Really? he is getting revenge by driving around getting parking tickets and taking pictures of two guys kissing? i dont know it felt like the metro sexual version of the punisher, but this one looks just like the comic is, non stop violence,

Are you guys fucking kidding me? This looks like a wrestling promo video not a movie. I hope this goes straight to DVD and makes jack shit.

Hilariawesome. This and the Spirit means that there are enough people who are driven to movies with insane acts of gore during the holiday season -- just like me!

Worst Song Evar!!!

Someone should be killed violently for agreeing to use it.

that guy playing punisher played titus pullo in rome, the hbo series. this looks great.

Man, Disney really let go huh?

Story of RIkki!!!

Shooting blood more shooting and more blood.
and Jigsaw.

whats all the grainy fake look about?? yea they deffo went for the grindhouse look but failed.

still...this is the best punisher will ever get in celluloid format.

this is one way to kill off the comic-turned-movie craze

I guess there will be more chick flicks and docu dramas after this movie?

thanx for bring balance back to the force asshats

Oh my god! This movie is gonna fucking rule!! THIS IS THE PUNISHER MOVIE I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE HAPPEN! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

GAY GAY GAY. This looks like one of those movies you see on like HBO at 4 in the morning cause it sucked so much. Thomas Jane was and always will be the only Punisher in my mind. Castle is supposed to be brutal but hes supposed to have a brain too. not just some big fucking ogre that goes around putting xhair legs thru peoples eyeballs. Looks fake as HELL

we are reading a lot of fake news these days. Did you remember the news about Britney's pregnancy, Lindsay's joining on the famous rich men seeking affairs """"""""""""NYwealthyMatch . c o m""""""""""? Is this news true or not? who knows...

This film looks like it's going to be an amazing straight-to-video release.

Will this set some sort of precedent for a Marvel gore film?

I'm in agreement with the writer...
It's not the film that looks like shit - it looks awesome and far better than the last two punishers - yes, i include the dolph piece of shit too...
I think that the footage is cool, but the effects - that grindhouse effects taken to the next level called retardo is horrible. It was like someone used every video effect they possibly could. I guarantee I could make a better trailer witht he same footage just by reducing the effected grains, jumps to black and white, the posterized effect, the washes, the hue changes, yadda yadda yadda, and change the fucking song...holy shit! change the fucking song...

It makes me sad that so many retards think this shit looks awesome. Can't they see how irredeemably stupid it is, even for a generic violent action movie?

Definitely one to skip.

Well, now I know it's a restart.

totally looks like crap.

finally this as close they can get to the comic book punisher. i will give these some serious viewing!

Wow, they've gotten the Punisher's origin story right....and it's only the third attempt. Seriously, this looks bad, but I know I'll end up watching it. (If only they'd used Garth Ennis' story arc for the last one, maybe all this could have been avoided.)

Why did they even make another one? Loved the Thomas Jane one (actually not horrific) but the Dolph one not so much.... but in real terms seems like nobody ever bothers to make a truly greta movie of the Punisher. Shame.

those of you who say it looks 'fucking retarded' or 'stupid' must not know anything about the punisher. hello, punisher kills bad guys, often and violently. oh look, that's what the trailer shows. i have [probably misplaced] hope that there will be some semblance of a story, but if not will just enjoy it for what it is-- a loud, how-many-different-ways-can-we-kill-a-man, action movie with an anti-hero who, unlike batman, isn't above shooting a deserving bad guy in the goddamn face. while it can be argued that a few treatments used are somewhat generic, it looks pretty killer to me [pun intended]. jigsaw looks badass too btw, and i bet most of the 'it sucks' critics here haven't a clue who the hell jigsaw is. fact remains that if it's a thoughtful, introspective, ang lee-esq punisher movie, not only would it probably turn off the hardcore fan, it would undoubtedly draw unfair comparisons to 'the dark knight' since to the casual comic movie fan their origins are strikingly similar. but really, if your problem is the mindless violence then save us all, please, and go watch sisterhood of traveling pants 2 with your grammie.

the only thing really bad about the trailer is the fucking music.

This movie looks horrible.

However, blame a lot of the suckage on the fact that the Punisher is one of the lamest heroes ever, next to Speedball. The only people who take him seriously are those who have deep placed nostalgia. Ennis' work is better than most, but is still lacking. (again, character's fault) That being said, this is the only way to tackle this movie.

I will see this movie for its hilarity and not its quality

q onda la pelicula??
al parecer se parece
mas al juego de play 2
habra q esperar a verla ..

Look GREAT!!! Cant wait for it for that one!!!

Okay, you got me. I'd be interested if it weren't for the horrid music and the lack of Thomas Jane. This new guy is dull.

All I can think is Happy Birthday, Jesus! Hope you like crap.

This movie doesn't look bad at all!! I heard so much rumors about this movie that it would be nice to see this movie. I personaly think that 2004 Punisher movie wasn't accurate because of the script even that it had some elements from the Welcome back,Frank or the War Zone. It's also very confusing why do they need to change the actors for this role. And why do they wanna make the War Zone ???It has never been that good. Garth Ennis did a very fine job correcting the Punisher soft spots. And Why do they need a new script??????? Comic book movies doesn't really needs a comicbook script . I read that they put Micro, Martin Soap and Jake Budansky in the story?? The 2 last characters never been in the War Zone. This movie will have it's one great scenes still. I like the Punisher's armor it looks realistic with that kevlar,almost looks like the comicbook costume\overall. I hope that they don't put the crappy battle van in with those batmobile\James Bond like gadgets. And some people should do some background searching before making an oppinion, like Soapfish.

B-MOVIE going striaght to DVD

i see this and only think of the lawnmower scene from dead alive ... a bloody good time! i will be seeing this movie just from that trailer i need say no more.

Looks awesome. Don't care for the bullet proof vest neck collar but the scene of his familys death looks frigin awesome right out of the comics.

Hah! wicked! take that over anal(ytical) movie with 'depth'.

That film looks fun, and I'm gonna enjoy it more becuase those who can't just go with the flow and loud noises are gonna suffer while watching this :D

Ah man, I liked Ray Stevenson in HBO's Rome series. Hope it's not as bad as people think just based on a trailer. =/

Not every movie can be in the top percentile, and with excess funding from all these rich fuckers dumping cash into Hollywood as part of their investment portfolio there are going to be huge numbers of movies all over the map of quality.

So, as a guy who has been reading the Punisher for a long time now, I am disgusted. First, through out every single version, comics, graphic novels, cross overs, the other movies, even in the Civil War, the Punisher has carried 2 modified Colt 1911s. In the trailer, they are clearly Berettas. Also, replacing Thomas Jane is the worst thing Marvel has ever done. And that includes Judge Dredd.

What is the deal with everyone and Thomas Jane? He wasnt that good in Punisher - no enough cold in him. Looked too pretty boy to me. Now we have one that is actually a good fit in comparison to the comic books.

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