Jul 18 2008New 'Terminator Salvation' Execution-Style Shot


Also from that EW ComicCon preview, here's Christian Bale shooting a Terminator in his stupid terminating head.

P.S.: I'm staying with friends in California right now, and my battery is about to die (my computer battery; I'm not a cyborg). They don't seem to believe in three-pronged electricity thingies here, so we'll see how that plays out.

EDIT: Never mind. I rummaged through their things until I found an adapter thing.

Reader Comments

um, McG is the one making it. He's gonna fuck it up, I'm pretty sure of it.

LOL this post was random and hilarious.

Yay adapter thingys!

ever note in all the terminator movies the "flashforwards" to the future its always night time?

apparently the sun DOES rise in the future.

I wanna movie where the future looks bright and happy. Tired of all this destruction mess. I know thats what it will be like, let me think its going to be all right so when I am a smudge on the pavement in the future I would have been happy thinking there was hope.

@4, I'm pretty sure the movie you're looking for is called "Demolition Man", starring Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes. The future consists of eating at Taco Bell, wiping your ass with sea shells and having tele-kinetic cyber freak sessions with Sandra Bullock.

On second though, that sounds horrible.

what a dreamboat

ah... this gives me fond memories of my last trip to West World

Is that Batman?

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i hate three pronged laptops

@5, no, go watch all of the old terminator movies. all of the flashbacks are at night time.


i think rocket launcher might be better option there!!


@12: Just what I was thinking. Why does he have a freakin' M4 Carbine? Is my memory really that bad, or didn't they have laser guns and shit in the flashbacks from the original movies? I don't want to see some boring modern assault rifles like in every other movie. Bring on the sci-fi! Make it look interesting! This just looks like Christian Bale as a US soldier in Iraq getting ready to execute someone's rather cheap-looking, oddly boxy Terminator prop. Suddenly I'm losing hope for this. *sigh*

Total yummy hotness! I'm sure we'll get to see more of Bale's pretty face
in this movie than we did in The Dark Knight. Hopefully, anyway!

totally looking forward the new Terminator... Christian Bale tends to do a great job no matter what role he takes

i hope this movie isnt a piece of dog shit, like that fucking charlies angles movie.

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