Jul 18 2008How Rad is the New 'Mummy 3' Poster?


Five Skateboard Mummy rad!

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Poster [IMPA]

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I was confused with the first poster but, wow, it truly does have Brendan Frasier and Jet Li, and there they are not interacting with one another in any way.

This may be one of the funniest things in a while. This, and the last post on Geekoloie: http://www.geekologie.com/2008/07/epic_failure_translate_server.php

Still, this movie's gonna suck major ass.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhaha that IS rad!

I still think they should flip the 'mummy' picture in the background...but that is pretty sweet. :D

this drivel looks so bad, i won't even waste my bandwidth downloading it.

Brenden Fraser GO AWAY NOW!!

The Mummy III is seriously biting the second Tomb Raider Video Game...I was surprised at how much it reminded me of Tomb Raider II, particularly the cut scenes...Common images to both:
~Great Wall of China sprawled across hills
~Arrows filling the sky, coming toward the camera
~The dragon
~The scene with the cargo plane above ice fields
~The crash of said cargo plane
~Asian warrior statues that come to life

There were probably more, but even what I've listed is a shitload of "coincidence" for a 60 second trailer clip. I'll still probably rent it, but it's a biter.

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Where did Brendan Fraser get that thick thatch of hair from? Same store as John Travolta?

Read this site for awhile now, always laughing. Never have i busted out laughing as i did when i saw the five mummy skateboarders. Freaking great. love the blog!!!

Be vewwy qwiet...Bwendan's hunting mummies!

[/Elmer Fudd]

The bad Photoshop of the poster properly reflects the cut-n-paste look of the trailer. Like Max Payne, this is money that would be better spent on a video game than the inevitable horrible video game tie-in.

It would have been radder if Jet Li portrayed the Anglo-saxon American swashbuckling-adventurer, and (a la Romulan Kirk) Brendan Fraser played the Chinese olympic commie sword...guy.

I forgot about Yeti's.

That brings it up to TR II 7, Mummy III 0, and eleven years for the mooks at hollywood to catch up with out-of-date graphics.


best post ever.

deadly icicles?

next thing you know they'll have a snowmobile with machine guns on it.

TR II 8...Mummy III 0.


hahah i love you!


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