Jul 2 2008Hellboy, the Actor, on 'Inside the Actor's Studio'


No, not Ron Pearlman. Hellboy. It's Hellboy on Inside the Actor's Studio with James Lipton. Because Hellboy is an actor who plays himself in the movies about him. Probably best not to overthink it too much, because it will make no sense. Instead, concentrate on how disturbingly Busey-like Hellboy gets when he smiles.

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First - can't wait for this movie!

Christ, I hope they don't go overboard with Hellboy 2 promos a la The Dark Knight, you know, doing stupid little ads and... oh noez.

Lipton: "Hellboy, there was that time you played Ron Perlman. That must have been an amazing experience. Please tell our students about it".



That's great X)

No, I actually got one of this *click* ~ hee!, awesome!

It's hard for me to feel embarrassed for James Lipton, but there it is.

Oh man, for a split second I thought they actually did a real Inside the Actors Studio which would basically just be overboard.

Love it!

Hope that's not an actual scene from the movie, though.

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Has anyone seen the Ghost Hunters/Hellboy promo? It's great!

Oh god no...

Boo-Yah is going to be the new Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker of this new age.





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