Jul 11 2008Gort News: See the Gort That Could Have Been


Earlier this month, The Day the Earth Stood Still director Scott Derrickson revealed that, before deciding to go with the original design for Gort--the iconic robot and most-recognizable element from the 1951 film--he had experimented with needlessly updating the look to closer match today's aesthetic of awesome. But what would this new design have looked like? Someone pondered this, leading them to the website of Lorin Wood, a concept artist for the film, and revealing this reimagined design. Basically, New Gort would have looked like the hulking robot oaf who beat up Original Gort for refusing to take off his shirt in gym class. Not all of us have broad, ridiculously short torsos, OK?

To Gort or Not to Gort [AICN]

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LOL at the stereotypical bully!

Classics are classics for a reason, they DON'T need "a new spin" to catch up to "modern audiences." This is why hardcore moviegoers have been staying home in droves.

Robots/organic beings would not evolve into anything with anime proportions.

... I like the SNL skit with Chris Farley running up the gang-plank with his ass hanging out.

Lovin the robot's high-heels


So they basically stole some concept artwork from Mass Effect? Or did Mass Effect steal from the original movie? /confused.

I prefer this one. You could've given the original Gort a Thompson automatic and he still wouldn't have been intimidating.

they do look like high heels thats gay

Looks like it's trying way too hard, like the monster in Cloverfield.


This is Lorin, the artist responsible for the design. Let me lay out the facts: Aintitcoolnews did not accurately report my involvement. I did work as a previz artist on the film and drew this picture during some downtime just for fun. It is in NO WAY affiliated with the film. Just a personal sketch.

And I'm glad you like the high-heels.

We also like the Mass Effect legs and light-up face. Nice.

Yikes. I'm all for an upgrade on the ship and Gort, but the original movie went to great lengths to have metal structures with no seams or attachments. The skin of a smooth ship simply separated to reveal a ramp; Gort's torso was solid from arms through chest - no shoulder connections.

The heels.... dumb. And it kind of reminds me of General Grievous from the clone wars cartoons.

Get a grip everyone! The artist just said that the drawing was just for fun and had nothing to do with the production.

That being said, I'm sure that it was done spur of the moment with little thought or planning. More or less it's just a doodle.

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