Jun 12 2008'Traitor' Poster Betrayed Me


In Traitor, Guy Pearce plays a federal investigator on an international conspiracy case, and all the clues lead to the shocking conclusion that U.S. Special Operations Officer Don Cheadle is a... traitor! Though, reportedly, Pearce's method of investigation is based entirely on making subtle markings on the milk carton to measure if Cheadle was still using the U.S.'s milk in his cereal.

'Traitor' Poster Premiere [Cinematical]

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They should have put Guy Pearce on the poster too. Don Cheadle will not sell enough tickets to make this any money. Not that Guy Pearce would either, but at least put both of them on there, make the most of what you have at your disposal. And then try to make the poster even MORE generic if that's possible. Oh and did the chick on the right of the poster steal flesh from under Guy's cheekbones in order to make her nose that big? That's the only way either of those features can be explained. Yes. I'm a super-model.

It's so great to see Harry Dunne back in the film industry... I heard he was selling vacuums door to door...

for a moment I thought that was Robert Downey Jr. actually making a film in which he pretends to be a black guy. hilarious.


How does an IWS post with Guy Pearce not reference Memento? Clearly, Don Cheadle killed his wife and messed up his memory, and now he's tracking him down with creepy body tattoos.

What is this, Cinematical? :/

Definately won't be seeing this movie. Cheadle? Nuh unnn, cant carry a movie, sorry.

He is a supporting actor only.

Guy Pierce? Pass....Jeff Bridges? Pass

"The Truth Is Complicated". Wait, I thought Denise Richards was complicated? Oh God my head hurts.

Should have done the poster a-la-Donnie Darko with all the little ghosted images making up his face...

This looks like an Ad for "a 24 spinoff coming this fall to FX."

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