Jun 10 2008The Love Guru Plays 'The Joker.' That's It.


I know The Love Guru is loaded to capacity with classic physical comedy, hilarious hair appliances, both new and previously-seen midget jokes, and Justin Timberlake, but.... there's just something missing that's holding me back from being completely in love with this thing. Maybe... I dunno... a Steve Miller Band cover? Yes. Yes, that's definitely it. And not like a parody of the song with lyrics changed for humorous effect; just a straight in-character cover that has no obvious reason for being.

Oh, good, here's one.

[via BWE]

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eh. verne was the only part that resembled funny.

Clever, Mr. Myers, very clever.

Spend a great deal of money on a promotion with no clear purpose to get your lips on Jessica Alba...

I'm taking notes.

I'm impressed that the movie went for four minutes without somebody farting.

Why couldn't (at the least) Kal Penn play this damn role? At least if you're going to make a movie on the premise of "East Indian people talk funny" you could at least get someone who is part of that culture in some way.

This, to me, just seems like actors dressing up in blackface...."hi! I'm Indian! Look at what I am wearing!! And I have this CRAZY accent!"

I think I heard a lot of vocoder in there.

Would this song actually be in context if we saw the movie? That would make this ad less pointless but more stupid.

It's discouraging because I actually liked the youtube clips where he was ranting under a superimposed picture of himself. Of course, I was toking while watching the youtube clips. Oh I get it now. Mini me with the hooka, THat shit was hilarious lol

I had to stop watching it halfway through. Just terrible.

when does this start being funny to anyone other than Mike Myers?

He's the Quentin Tarantino of funny movies now.
He's trying to out clever himself and it's not working.

Wow, it sure is funny when Indian people try to sing Western songs.

What? No, George Harrison was GREAT at sitar. What are you talking about?

@ 4
He's not supposed to be Indian racially-- he's playing an American raised in India.
I'm not making excuses for this piece of shit. Just pointing out that Mike Myers put a little thought into the backstory that would allow him to act like an ass. I liked Mike Myers once...

This movie is so gonna suck. I'd rather go see Zohan, and that's saying something because I hate Adam Sandler with a passion.

did i just watch the whole movie? i hope so.

Honestly, I think we've reached the point in movie-making that we can do a remake of Wayne's World. Or, instead of the crap, Wayne's World 3: Direct to DVD

I also had to stop watching in the middle.

I thought I might have even heard the Indian accent slip into the generic Irish/English/Generic Foreign Person Mike Meyers accent once or twice.

Ok, I know this movie has almost nothing to recommend it to an intelligent audience, but we all know that there are enough of the other kind of audience out there who will line up to see this movie and laugh their fast food bloated asses off to each and every cheep gag, as well as acting them out to the best of their limited abilities at whatever menial job they happen to be working in the week after they watch this movie. In that sense I predict that it's going to be a huge, albeit depressing, success. I salute you Mr. Meyers, for exploiting what this country has sadly become. And since you're Canadian and not American, I'm sure the joke is definitely going to be on us.

$10 says that wasn't Jessica Alba's real voice.

Very, very disappointed. Myers should be better than this.

in actual truth, that wasn't half bad.....
of course it wasn't half good either....
mediocre at best.

and I am pretty sure that that wasn't Alba's voice...no.

and I have a guess that if this scene appears in the movie, this may be the final scene. just got a feeling. there. I saved you $10 it would take to go and see the thing.

Jesus Christ she is hot. The dancing bit was a decent parody of the crap Indian videos I have seen on Youtube. Not even Alba can save this steaming pile.

God, this movie is just going to suck out loud. Scene after scene is simply a rehash of his other films. (opening musical scene in Austin Powers 3 anyone?) Totally lame.

Ugh. Unfortunately, I know I'm probably going to wind up seeing this movie because my boyfriend wants to. Same reason I saw Beerfest. I love him, but damnit, there had better be some period drama couple viewing in it for me if I drag my ass to this bull.

He didn't even use the talk box correctly!

How about the fact that he's so terrible and clueless that he thinks this is a good song. Leave it to a Canuck. He's probably a huge fan of George Thorobad, too. Nice Wayne's World sketch at the Movie Awards, too, you out-of-touch queef.

I think this will be a comedic break for Timberlake...we know he's capable after D in a Box from SNL...so, I'm looking forward to seeing him. (Alba, as well...of course!!)

I've been waiting for a new flick from Myers, also...so, am gonna have fun with it!!

that was so bad. I will definitely be steering clear of that at the cinema.

No relevance? How about 'some people call me Maurice' ? Probably lost of most people. To be fair as brain in a jar, fart-joke humour goes, I didn't think it this was all that bad a movie.

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