'Religulous' Trailer Preaches to Some Sort of Non-Religious Choir

June 11, 2008


Looks like Bill Maher has picked up on Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock's innovative style of "Something is bullshit, now let me tell you why--also, I'm the hilarious star!" documentary-making. Teamed up with Borat director Larry Charles, Maher has a new film coming out named for what I assume is a portmanteau of religious and ridiculous, Religulous. (Because religion is ridiculous. Get it?) Hopefully when all those religious nuts in the world watch this--which they clearly will, because they're all huge Bill Maher fans and want to see him openly mock them for two hours--they'll finally realize how stupid they are. Well done, Bill. It turns out religion isn't infallible! Using the pure logic that is the format of Leno's Jaywalking sketches, you've utterly destroyed the institution! Now if someone would just make a movie pointing out how that Bush fellow is a bit of a moron. Oh, right...

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