'Ong Bak 2' Promo Reel Promotes Notion of Tony Jaa Brutally Destroying People

June 17, 2008


Thanks to Todd at TwitchFilm for sending over the promo reel to Tony Jaa's directing debut, the sequel to Ong Bak that bears no connection to the original outside of the name "Ong Bak" and Jaa endlessly beating the hell out of people. I'm not the biggest martial arts film fan, but I have to admit I was pretty blown away by some of the clip (basically everything that occurs after elephants inexplicably become reverent), and I have to give credit to any action movie that lists attack moves as if they're the stars. Wolf Trumping Rope Dart is in this? I love Wolf Trumping Rope Dart!

Tony Jaa Brings the Pain [TwitchFilm]

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