Jun 3 2008New 'X-Files 2' Trailer a Harsh Reminder of Cold War


This new X-Files: I Want to Believe trailer is, sadly for non-Russian-speakers, dubbed in Russian. Luckily, it also communicates itself in a far more universal language: grotesque eye bleeding. See it below the cut, compliments of Kyle.

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Nice trailer!

I'm looking forward...

Billy Connolly is awsome!
you ever seen Fido?

what the fuck is up with all the russian trailers bein WAY more kickass than the english ones (where the movie actually was made?!?!?)

anyone seen the russian WANTED trailer? it makes the whole thing look like a decent piece of celluloid!!!!

Since no one else is saying it I will. Russian Scully is hot!

A crappy version of the English language trailer was leaked to youtube yesterday but is supposed to debut officially today. I don't think its any different from this one--except that you'll be able to understand more than just the words "Mulder?" "Scully?"

So psyched for this movie.

I had a vision. I see the face of a woman, I hear the barking of dogs, they are there...

blah blah

He sees eyes, he thinks his visions are from god... Scully doesn't think so

and then he yells IT IS HERE... IT IS HERE.... HEEEERRREEE!!!

and thats when I want to slap him...

From Russia with love

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