Jun 3 2008New 'Wanted' Trailer Assumes I've Never Used the Internet


Of all the ludicrous things seen in this trailer--cars flipping and landing, bullets curving with special bullet mind control, Angelina Jolie not within arm-reach of a child--the most unbelievable and insulting is that we're supposed to swallow that a Google search for "Wesley Gibson" would turn up no results (and it's not even in quotes!). Give me a break, Wanted. I'm willing to tolerate breaking every known physical law in the name of mindless entertainment, but this is too much.

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i got 524,000 hits

like i said in the other comment for the X Files trailer...the Russian trailer for this is also WAY BETTER.

Those poor flies :(


I'm willing to tolerate breaking every known physical law in the name of mindless entertainment, but this is too much.

my god the comic is better but it might be worth seeing,

Um, wow. Crap. Steady attempt at catchphrases from a too-busy Morgan Freeman, flat and familiar acting, and droll CGI. Blech. Lame.

The comic book made me want to recommend it to other people.

This trailer makes me feel the need to explain what was so great about the comic.

If a movie is well-adapted, that shouldn't be necessary.

yeah I got the same # as #1, hell EVERYONE has at least 100,000 hot on their name.

I like to go read about "me". I was born in 1938, 1966, etc etc and I have died multiple times. I also was an FBI informant, a WWII hero and wrote some paper on electrical engineering. Oh and th elatest, apparently I went to court to appeal my 180 year sentence. I musta killed someone or something.



nowhere near 100,000+

824 in fact for my name and it's not that uncommon, as far as i can tell 2 of those 824 actually relate to me

If I put in my full name, there's only 1 result in Google, and it's me :P

I only got 1060.

And I'm totally suckered. I would go see it.

Aww...I only got 286. But my name is pretty rare :P although weird :/ but not unpronounceable >_>

Anyways, you know what I hate about this movie...It's trying really hard to be like the first Matrix in that it's trying to say "Hey look, you have a sucky job? Hate your life? Think your life is boring beyond belief? Weeeelll!! Do we have news for you! If you come watch our movie you will THINK that perhaps something interesting is ACTUALLY going to happen in your life for a WHOLE DAY! YEAAH!!"

*sigh* I really wish better movie were out. Why don't we have any more thought-provoking movies? Or at least mindless action movies that have a decent never-before-repeated mindless-action plot?

my name got 133,000

This movie is horse shit. It suppose to be based off the comic book. Its no where close to the comic books. I should know I have the whole set. Its not set as a frat. of assassins its suppose to be about Super Villains and how they took over the world and the story of that one kid and how be becomes the greatest assassin using his super powers of accuracy and agility to be the best assassin. There is no curving bullet shit hes just really really really accurate.

when put in parenthesis, i only got 5. but one legitimately was related to my criminal record. woo!

This looks nothing like the book and that is a sad sad thing because the book was completely bad-ass about a bad guy doing bad things, this looks like crap that has been crapped on by more crap in a stinking pool of crap.

My first and last name got 7,420,000.

I'm generic.

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