Jun 10 2008Hear Hulk Say 'Hulk Smash,' Like That Toy With the Voice Backpack Did


As tends to happen, I somehow ended up watching American Gladiators last night, making it the only show I've seen every episode of while putting absolutely no effort into doing so. It's like Wolf's distinctive call (howling like a wolf) transcends the television, letting you know, wherever you are, whatever you might be doing, you should instead be watching over-muscled freaks and common man wage war with foam pads.

In last night's episode---sometime around the twentieth shot of the audience wearing giant green fists, just after the exclusive preview for The Incredible Hulk but prior to the seeing the green-painted Gladiator whose voice was dubbed over with growls--I noticed a subtle theme emerging, and I decided that I was done delivering Hulk news. American Gladiators had now covered every possible aspect of it, and done it far more ridiculously than I could have ever dreamed.

But then I saw this clip where you hear Lou Ferrigno (who was in the American Gladiators audience, incidentally--surprise!) as the voice of the Hulk (which, as I've said, makes total sense), so I thought, what the hell, one more Incredible Hulk thing. Seriously though, this is it.

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Keep in mind, this is not the first time Lou has voiced the Hulk:


While I'm not looking forward to the movie, I have to say... Lou's "Hulk Smash"? AWESOME.

I wish my head was so far up my own arse that I wouldn't enjoy this. Guess I'll just have to have some fun on Friday watching Hulk smash.

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