Eddie Murphy's Enormous Foam Bust May Be Coming For You

June 27, 2008


As a foreboding promotion for Meet Dave, Fox is giving mortals the chance to get inside the head of Eddie Murphy. And no, as you may have inferred from the above image, this does not mean learning the motivations behind how he decides which roles will invoke a fat suit and which only audience frustration. I'm talking about the opportunity to literally climb inside a detailed replica of his smiling head. Yes, right now, as you read this, a trailer is pulling the Effigy Murphy cross-country, giving innocent passersby the chance to treat his bust like a Double Dare event, stopping at designated points to allow the willing to climb inside the ear canal and ponder why they've done so.

I first heard about this monstrosity about a week ago (in this informative write-up of the situation) and meant to warn others then, but in suppressing my anger I somehow pushed the entire thing from my memory and forgot. Thankfully, Galice wrote in today to remind me. (Thanks, Galice!)

Looking at the head's progress map, it appears it will be in Times Square Fourth of July weekend, a celebration of our forefathers granting us the freedom to bear promotional false idols, and I'm thinking I'll probably have to go. When else will I get the chance to climb inside a giant mockup of Eddie Murphy's head? Especially considering its existence likely indicates the end of civilized society. Expect photos.

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