Jun 4 2008Chopra Declares It's OK to Watch 'Love Guru'


Attention Hindus: it's OK to enjoy bland comedy! Self-help icon Deepak Chopra has gone on the record to speak out on the outcry against the film, saying everyone should lighten up and enjoy the rehashing of old jokes--and it has nothing to do with Mike Myers endorsing his books! From the Hollywood Reporter:

"The premature outcry against the movie is itself religious propaganda," Chopra wrote, noting that the protesters based their views on the film's 21⁄2-minute trailer. "As viewers will find out when the movie is released this summer, no one is more thoroughly skewered in it than I am -- you could even say that I am made to seem preposterous."

Chopra, who makes a cameo appearance in the film, said he and Myers have been friends for 15 years.

The two appeared together last year in an episode of "Iconoclasts," a series of short documentaries on the Sundance Channel, and Myers wrote the foreword to Chopra's latest book, "Why is God Laughing?" -- which explores the relationship between comedy and spirituality.

If only Myers could get Warwick Davis to defend all the midget jokes, or anyone else to defend anything else about it.

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Is it? Is it REALLY?
god damn, you know how much Deepak Chopra's permission to fart means to me *sniff*

I have no idea why anyone would want to see this stupid shit. Anytime the trailer comes on in the theatres no one ends up laughing at the jokes. Only sitting there and wishing something would happen to end the awkward silence.

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