Jun 3 2008Best Violent Ad for a Local Channel Showing Something Sort of Old Goes to...


This blood-filled ad for an Auckland channel's screening of Kill Bill! Congratulations. Kudos also go out to the runner-up, New York channel My9's subway ads for Everybody Loves Raymond. It's hard to tell in this small representation (sorry, it's the best I could find), but if you look closely, you'll notice that Ray's thumbs-up and inviting smile betray the sentiment of the clenched, ready fist draped over his torso.


There's a hidden anger there. And a sadness.

The Greatest Movie Poster Ever? [the WVb]

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always wanted to do that

Have you been to this website, dude? Looked at the number of comments per post? Doesn't take a lot to be first.

Anyway, they stole the idea from the Simpsons.

why is the sword bleeding???
even if it was drenched in blood you couldn't get it to spray out like that

Where have all the bloody heads gone?!?!

You know, that Raymond poster sprays fluid too. It's kind of gross.

Yes, I was just getting on to say what # 2 pointed out. What a big ripoff from the Simpsons! And it was in the years the Simpsons were good, too!

Being that I've never seen the Simpson's poster being referred to in the posts, I think it's very likely that the people who came up with this never did either.

Keep in mind the Simpson's hasn't been good since, well, 1996.

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