May 9 2008Watch: First Seven Minutes of 'Speed Racer'


0-:30 - Help! I'm trapped in a sponsored kaleidoscope! Phew, I'm out. Apparently that was just the portal to a Nickelodeon locker room.

:30-4:00 - The constant rhythmic movements, the paralyzing hallucinations, the guttural outbursts, the insane scribblings, the Asperger-level singular obsession mixed with complete social disregard: it's abundantly clear that childhood Speed has some serious mental issues to overcome. I can't wait to see how they address such crippling psychoses in a family movie.

4:00-end - Never mind. I guess we're going to ignore all that in favor of a sneak peek of Nintendo's upcoming F-Zero Played on the Wario's Coliseum Mario Kart Course.

Reader Comments

OMG! of all the shitty cartoons to make a shitty movie out of!
this movie is going to suck so much balls!

hey, the cartoon was awesome even if the movie isn't so great! check them out:

OMG it looks SO UTTERLY SHIT!!! the greenscreen crap makes it look like a cheap rip off of LAZYTOWN <<yea that shitty kids programme.. i hate that shit . seriously who spends even a single dollar/pound or euro or whadever on this is outta their fucking mind. worst kind of pop culture ever to have made it to the big screen!

This looks like the most flyest most hippest most dopest movie ever made!! I'm serious! This shit is dope like Mr. T soap on a rope!

this looks horrible, so disappointing.

for a movie about's pretty darn slow.

By wasting 7 minutes, I saved a couple hours in the future. Good stuff.

It wasn't that bad.

this looks better than i thought. I was afraid it was total shit. You know, like most of the comments on here. Total shit.

If you haven't already figured out that the Watchoski brothers are into making movies that are basically anime along with all the action, where have you been. This looks great and tell me someone who couldn't do this better. If you don't like the genre, don't watch and shut up. It's like listening to music you hate then whining and bitching about it.

Criticism is ok but this "total shit" is too much. I find it odd that people who seemed to enjoy the matrix are whining about this film. I find it even more bizarre that those who enjoyed the cartoon are whining about this. I would bet that these same people will see the movie, whine about it, buy the DVD and still whine about it.

That's what stoners see when the go on the magic tea cups in Disneyland

Look If you were expecting the movie to be super realistic then your out of your fucking head. If anyone has anything to say about the movie it's the people who watched the cartoon as a kid and understand that the cartoon was completely insane too. believe it or not thats how the movie should be so... and to everyone else who thinks their opinion matters despite the fact that you don't know anything about speed racer please shut the fuck up and see something else.

This movie is great. This is how live action anime movies should be made.

I saw this on imax on the weekend, and it may have been the greatest experience of my life.

I saw this on Saturday and it really was the most flyest most hippest most dopest movie ever made!!

But seriously though, it was pretty mf'n tight! It was definatley a very different movie than most, I would say it was incredibly bad ass!!`

I seen some folks commenting that the movie isn't suppose to be real. I didn't see the movie cause I am boycotting it. If they can have crappy sets...why couldn't they use a CGI Chimp?
The real chimp bit one of the actors (proberly for bad acting) and the chimp was beaten. AHA did not back up this movie and gave it an unacceptable rating.
The Watchoski brothers believe that if they had a CGI Chimp it would look unrealistic. Point stated!!!!

Boycott Speed Racer!!! Not just because, it is a bad movie!!

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