May 23 2008'Tropic Thunder' Poster is Triumvirate of Laughs


This is the version of Cerberus that guards the gates of Comedy Heaven. To get through you have to resist laughing, which is clearly impossible after seeing those wacky expressions, so it's likely no one will ever reach Comedy Heaven.

Tropic Thunder Poster [IMPA]

Reader Comments

When did Robert Downey Jr. become a black man?

@1 when he realized that he was going to be shelved until Iron Man 2

@1 When he realized that it's the entire plot of the movie.

@1 when he realized that hes better looking as a black man

I know the star is supposed to be the focus of the poster, but if Ben was moved over to the left, it would have said Stiller Black Downey, which would have been better.

@5 or Downey STILLer Black

Forget Downey- when the fuck did Ben Stiller turn into a Mexican?

Stiller is not funny and RD Jr?

em pass on this one.

I do believe these characters are supposed to be super hammy over-the-top actors acting super hammy and over-the-top in the movie within a movie, so why do you keep make snide comments about how much they're retardedly overacting? If you're calling the great thespian Jack Black desperately wacky, you must be smokin' something.
Seriously though. The characters are supposed to be annoyingly overacting and stupid. So stop pointing out that that's how they look in the trailer and posters.

this is gonna be great

Doesn't Cerberus guard the gate to Hades? I think it would make more sense in this case.


i'm sorry, i meant, 'HELL FUCKING NO!'

we must be clear about these things.

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