May 15 2008'The Love Guru' Poster Too Annoying for Thorough Commentary


Dear god. Every time I make painful eye contact with anyone on this poster, it feels like they're shooting beams of pure obnoxiousness straight into my head. Except Jessica Alba, of course--her eyes are still as empty and lifeless as her performances. But she sure is pretty!

The Love Guru One-Sheet

Reader Comments

I'm going to guess there are going to be at least 3 cameos from celebrities not pictured here. One of them will probably be Tom Cruise.

I can't wait for this movie, It looks like it manages to dumb down the Austin Powers movies for the general understanding of the average guy. Its a good thing too, those Austin Powers movies had a lot of fancy book reading words. Also, thank jesus for the midget jokes, they keep the movie sophisticated.

Oh crap, is that mini-me in the lower right of the poster. Oh that's just great. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to tighten the vice holding my head.

he looks to much like "the interrupter" character on conan obrien

God, I hope this movie flops.

Timberlake looks like Murray the the third Conchord!

I just hope Deepak Chopra gets offended by this crap storm because (a) it would just be funny to see him get all pissed off and (b) if you saw the Myers/Chopra Iconoclasts episode, it would serve them both right for lecturing about how spirituality and comedy are so similar and then put out what I am betting is going to be a "razzy" nominee.

hey guys! This just made me thing of Califorina lifting the ban on gay marriage

The movie doesn't seem as stupid when you learn that he's SUPPOSED to be a white guy. He's a white guy born over in India.

Origionally, I thought he was trying his hardest to look Indian, which seemed like a stupid idea but that's not how the movie goes.

Granted, from what I've seen, it still doesn't look that funny but at least I'm not mad at the idea of the movie itself.

It's hard to tell at this point if this movie is going to be funny or just suck rocks.. if it gets good reviews, then I'll probably go see it..

Paramount probably took pity on Mayer's MTV career-achievement award from last year (were they showed a 5 minute montage consisted on Shrek plus Austin and Wayne) for his work for the past 15+ years... pretty sad.

Jessica Alba must be TRYING to take on roles with no cinematic or remotely artistic merit......

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